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What Should the Perfect Golf Swing Look Like

The Perfect Golf Swing

More practice for the perfect golf swing

Tuesday I told you about my attempt to repeat the perfect golf swing by playing 27 holes on Monday on two different courses but I have not played any more than 9 holes since last November. And I got rained on Monday night during 4 holes of the 9 holes so I was not very happy.

I did score fairly well on the final nine holes and my score was pretty good.

It is now Friday evening and I have played another 27 holes but they were spread out over three days. My wife and I played 9 holes on Wednesday and today also. And I played nine holes in my league on Thursday. Even though I am trying to perfect my golf swing I have found out today that I have developed or went back to bad habits on my golf swing. I corrected those issues and even resolved another issue.

What needing fixing to get to the perfect golf swing

Thursday on my least favorite golf hole I play on anywhere, I found an issue to my perfect golf swing. I tried to just lob a little drive out into the middle of the fairway and drove the ball left, directly into the woods, on about a 45 degree angle. There is nothing but swamp land between the tee box and the woods so I had to hit another drive. I made the golf swing speed about 50% so that I could hit a good drive and did the same except it did not go into the woods. I played the hole, a par five, and got an 8 on the hole.

What I realized was that I was not using my hips to get my body out of the way and with just hands swinging I hit like I did in baseball, pulling everything down the third base line or in this case into the woods. That was a good swing for baseball but that is not the perfect golf swing. So I try to make sure that I get my hips moving and that my elbow is tucked in close to my side with the forward swing.

That worked good for the last two holes so I wanted to make sure it was drilled into my head so today I practiced doing that as the course was crowded and very slow. So, I played wedge shots, nine iron shots, three metal shots and my 5 hybrid shots. This was not intended to be that kind of day but it did and was good practice.  I also found a compromise golf swing that allows me to hit my wedge 110 yards again. I did shank the ball once when I had the ball to far back in my stance.

So, with my new perfect golf swing I am hitting my drive about 240 yards with a 75% swing and I can drive about 270 yards with a full swing. I am back to 110 yards with my wedge and 130 yards with my 9 iron. I don’t know about my 7 or 8 irons yet but my 5 hybrid will go in excess of 185 yards so hoorah for the perfect golf swing.

Another issue for my perfect golf swing

On Monday night I saw something that scared me about my perfect golf swing and again today while I was practicing. During the rain on Monday I took a divot on a shot the went way left. I put my club down and noticed that the divots was about 5 inches in closer to me then the swing should have been. This probably meant that I was doing the chicken wing with my swing that went left.

I practice to make sure that it would not happen again and as I was taking my perfect golf swing I noticed something else, I was not addressing the ball with a flat club. The toe of the club was in the air. So I stretched my arms out until they were straight and made the good hip turn and hit three perfect golf shots in a roll. Oh, and I did one other thing and that was to open the face of the club just ever so slightly.

Then on the ninth hole I tried one more with an 85% swing and hit my drive about 275 yards straight down the right side of the fairway and straight with a perfect arc. The hole is 375 yards and I was at the 100 yard marker after it stopped. It left me a 100 yard wedge shot which I hit a little long and resulted in a 110 yard wedge. What a great way to end a round and a week of golf with my perfect golf swing.

What will happen next with the perfect golf swing

This was a good week to work on the perfect golf swing. I still call it the perfect golf swing as it is better then any swing I have had since I pretty much gave up golf about 15 years ago. I am older, fatter and weaker than I was back then and it is great to see the results that have so dramatically improved over the way I have been playing the last three years when I decided to take up golf again.

What I need to do is to practice and keep playing and expect bad shots every now and then. I am going to be a low 40’s golfer by the end of the season and maybe even into the 30’s. I know I will be better than the average golfer and out shoot 90% of those that I play with and see every day out on the course.

I have my perfect golf swing but just need to groove it to the perfect results. If I can play three or four times a week I will be very good and my perfect golf swing will help me get better golf scores. Don’t worry my golf swing is almost perfect already and I know that people watch me swing the club and already think I am a perfect golf swing golfer. I am the only one that knows I need practice but I am very happy.

I still am trying to put together a video of my experiences with all of the golf videos I have practiced with and what the results were like. If you would like to have a copy of the video when I get it done, please sign up for my newsletter as those that have will be the only ones that will get a copy. That will also have my final results of the perfect golf swing hunt.

I can tell you that the Simple Golf Swing is a very close second but would be the best for most golfers that want a simple swing that is repeatable and easy to remember for next year.

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