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What Did You Do to Get the Perfect Golf Swing This Off Season?

The Perfect Golf Swing – Perfect Golf Swing

What have you done this off season to get the perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing, did you get it this off season? What did you do? Have you practiced at all?

Well let me tell you what I did this off season to improve. As a matter of fact, I made five significant changes to help my golf swing. They were a new shaft and grip for my driver. I bought a  replacement for my lost five iron, I bought two different golf swing improvement “secrets” to a better golf swing and I practiced swinging my clubs in the garage. Oh and I forgot number six was I practiced putting and chipping.

I feel ready to play and both of my leagues won’t start until May. So I am using the driving range and I have played twice for nine holes each with my wife to practice with my perfect golf swing.

To get the perfect golf swing with my driver I changed the shaft and grip

To get the perfect golf swing my my driver I had the shaft and grip changed over the winter. One of my golfing mates went to the national golf store chain where he has purchased a lot of golf equipment and complained to the manager about the treatment I received when I broke my shaft of my driver. See August issues about my experience.

So they told him to have me come by and they would rectify what they had done. I did that in January 2012 and was out of practice. Even so I was swinging the club at right around 100 mph. This should have given me drives in the 260 range. It didn’t and I was all over the place. Right, left even down the middle. and many where at 250 yards.

I now know that my swing sucked and I couldn’t blame the shaft too much but I did saying it was not a consistent shaft or I would have had consistent results. The manager gave me various clubs to try with different shafts and finally made a choice. A good thing as I was exhausted swinging the club with my full swing for shot after shot.

The end result was a new shaft and grip for my Cleveland Launcher 460. I tried it out after they fixed it and was still around 100 mph and was now hitting nearer to 260 yards but I did not have the perfect golf swing yet for me.

I replaced my five iron for my perfect golf swing with mid range irons

I went in to replace my five iron that I lost. My perfect golf swing was not there due to having to work around my lost five iron.  It was recommended that I use a five hybrid so I tried two #3 hybrids with regular and stiff shafts but could not see any differences. Both appeared to go about 210 yards. So he got me three five hybrids from three different manufacturers and tried them.

They all seemed about the same so I ended up with an Adams 5 hybrid that was on sale and am very pleased with it so far. We went out Wednesday and the course was crowded. On the first hole I wanted to hit a three metal but I used the 5 hybrid just for a try out. The first hole is a par five. I hit it well and the ball went straight and traveled about 180 yards. That is just about right.

So I think I will keep it and my new golf swing seems very close to the perfect golf swing I have been looking for.

I purchased two tutorials looking for the perfect golf swing

I have been unsatisfied with the “secrets” to the perfect golf swing so far. Each one I have purchased has good and bad things about it. So I found another that I wanted to try and it was very similar to the Simple Golf Swing that I have been pushing at you. I still think that it is the perfect solutions for the hacker golfer.

So I was still practicing other golf swings as I consider myself to be better than average golfer and have a better then hacker golf swing. So I have been using Bobby Wilson’s golf tutorial but it is very hard to perfect and would not be easy to repeat after a lay off. During the holidays I did not practice and when I took it up again after the first of the year I had to start all over again.

But this last one I have purchased is the one. It has a complex grip, and stance but it is easy to swing and the ball travels quite far and straight or with a slight draw. So Wednesday, I played nine holes with the swing for the first time. I found that I was hitting the ball where I wanted to and could get the distance I was looking fore. I have played this course many times and found my drives about 20 to 30 yards longer then normal.

I could hit my nine iron about 130 yards like I used to and my wedge about 110 yards. About 10 yards longer then normal but 20 yards short of what I was used to hit. But both clubs went very high. I have to swing very fast to get those distances and I would like to reduce my swing by 20 percent and still get close to those distances.

Finally, I practiced to get the perfect golf swing

I did not practice as much as I would have liked to in my quest for the perfect golf swing but I played until the end of November in 40 degree weather. So I took December off and started to practice in mid January but wasn’t sure what I was going to use for my perfect golf swing.

So while I tried to get Bobby’s golf swing perfected I was looking for something else. When I found this new swing and grip I could not believe it would work but it seems simple enough but it takes practice like just about anything you change to. I like it and have had very good success. I want to get into the middle of competition to see how I perform with it. I think I c an easily score in the low 40’s for nine hole and maybe even into the thirties by August.

One thing I like a lot is the chip shot that they are using. I find it easy to use and deadly accurate. I will have to practice distances to be great with it but my direction is right on.

I would like to get another round or two before I can recommend this golf swing and grip but I would still recommend the Simple Golf Swing. I have postponed doing my video as I have purchased these two additional tutorials and would like to include them in the video.

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Thanks and see ya next week for more about the Perfect Golf Swing.

Lou M.

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