What a Difference Clubs make to the Perfect Golf Swing

By | August 2, 2011

What a difference golf clubs make when trying to use the perfect golf swing.

In this case it was bad. I hit a decent first drive and then the only good drive after that was the last one. Of course that is the one that brings you back, right?

We got a par on the first and last holes and bogied every hole in between. What a terrible day.

I could not drive, pitch or putt. My chipping was not bad as I got four chips within 6 feet but made only one putt. The others were two putts from within 6 feet.

My drives were mostly off to the right. I was using a loaner club for my driver and I was not comfortable with it at all. I even went to the driving range on Sunday with my wife and could control and predict where the ball would go with my drives but then came reality.

I finally closed the club face on the last drive and hit it right down the middle, about 250 yards out.

One of the problems we encountered was the sun was in our face most of the day and it was low in the horizon. By that I mean we could not see most of the drives and spent a lot of time looking for balls, most of which were right in the middle of the fairway. We also had another of those slow rounds where it took almost three hours to play nine holes which gave us time to look for the balls. I hate that.

As a result of my hacking and whacking my way around the golf course, I was not able to concentrate on my golf swing. My least favorite hole is the par three seventeen. It is surrounded by water except for the back side. It is right into the sun as it is setting and you cannot see what is happening.

So, to try and see, I went way off to the right so the sun would not be in my eyes and was able to track all of the drives into the water. That’s right, all three went into the water. When it was my turn, I could not see anything, so I kept my head down.

I thought I took too big of a divot but when I looked at the divot, it appeared I got the ball first. The others thought it was safe but were not sure. Well, I was the only one dry and I was just off the green at the back left. We chipped on to six feet and one putted for a par three.

I know what was going on with my drives but I hate to admit it but here goes for one of my golf tips. This driver I was using was 20 to 40 yards less then my driver, so I was over swinging to try and compensate. But the drivers shaft was not really stiff enough and would cause the club head to be late and push the ball to the right.

This golf course is very narrow and you get in trouble mostly on the left, so you are better to be right then left. But with the faster golf swing, I was pushing it more towards the right which caused me to be in trouble most of the day. It would cause us to use my partners drives which were substandard. No chance to get on in two using his drives and since mine were out of play to the right we were forced to use his.

Like I said earlier, on the last hole, a long par five, I closed the club face and with the perfect golf swing, I was able to hit a ball out to the 200 yard mark from the green which was a great golf swing and it was in the right center of the fairway. So ya live and learn.

Tomorrow, I have a golf date with my wife so when we get through I will give you the status. I will use it as a day to practice and probably hit two or more balls when I feel it is necessary.

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