Trying to Groove My Golf Swing

By | December 20, 2010

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I continued to hit balls at the range with my irons.

I then began to hit balls with the same club but moved my location forward and back in my stance. I would hit four or five with the ball lined up with my right heal. Then four with the ball an inch closer to the the center. Then another four balls up another inch and continued to do that until it did not work.

Then I would change clubs to see if they would be better also and continued with the same routine. I don’t know if I hit the balls any further but I will find out when I play again. Then I will make a change by swinging a little harder or using another club that will travel further.

All I know is that I was hitting the irons better. I even tried hitting chip shots with the range balls and found I had to keep my head down to keep from chunking the ball.

It also appeared that I was holding the club too tight on very short chips, so I loosened my grip and made better shots.

I went to the range with a very short agenda and it worked. I hit my driver three times and also my three metal and was pleased with the results.

Next comes playing on Wednesday again and if the irons work like I think they should I will have a very good round of golf. If I can concentrate for a full 18 holes and I swing the irons like I did at the range and I hit the metals like I have been, it is very possible I will end up with a round in the seventies (70′s).

Wouldn’t that be something. In seven months I will have gone from shooting 54 for nine to shooting say 78 for 18 holes. That would be an improvement of 30 strokes. That is huge!

Tomorrow we shall see.

Next post is the results.

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