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Three Golf Tips to Learn How to Swing in Golf

Today, I am giving you three golf tips to help you learn how to swing in golf by getting and using the proper equipment.

There are a number of “experts” that will make golf clubs for you. The problem with most of these custom made clubs is that the manufacturers do not have very close tolerances with the manufacturing process. You might say “So What!” but this may cause your golf swing to be slicing the ball or hooking the ball even with the perfect golf swing.

Here is an example. A golf fitting expert took a set of custom made clubs that were purchased at a large chain golf store. He measured the stiffness on the clubs that were suppose to be all stiff shafted clubs. After measuring all of the clubs he found that they varied from old mens weak shaft to extra stiff shafts throughout the set.

A stiff shaft is suppose to be right around 6.0 and he measured these shafts from 7.2 to 4.5. Now you are suppose to use the same golf swing for each club but if you do that you will have no control over where the ball is going unless you are able to swing differently with each club. Only one club out of eleven measured at 6.0. Pretty sad, don’t you think?

So, if you have plans to get a new set of clubs this year or early next year it is important to have these clubs measured again after they are made to make sure that they are what they say they are giving you.

Secondly, the loft angles between irons are suppose to be 4 degrees. When he measured these custom made clubs he found they varied from 1 to 3 degrees difference from the spec of the loft angle. He also found that there was a 6 degree difference between the sand wedge and gap wedge, where there should have been a 4 degree gap.

One final thing about your irons. Many, if not most, of the clubs made come from Japan. The clubs are made for their population who are shorter then most Americans and Europeans. That means they have their clubs made so that they are more upright for their shorter people. You will buy those same clubs here and you will not know why you keep digging into the ground with your heal when you swing your club.

Therefore, for the second tip of your golf tips you need to have these things measured also. The  angle of the face and the angle of the shaft to club relationship. Have these things measured over the winter and see if you can get them fixed.

Let me tell you though, if you get a club re-shafted, it will cost you about $30 to $50 for a shaft, golf grips will cost about $5 to $9 and the installation for both will be about $23. So you could spend almost $80 per club to be re-shafted. What does a new club cost? What does a new custom made club cost?

My final tip is on your putter.

Take your putter and balance it on your finger on the shaft. Take the blade of your club and try to balance it so that the face is parallel to the ground. If it is parallel or not is really not important except to how you try to putt the ball.

If your club stays balanced then you should be a straight putter. If the toe is heavy and the club drops down on the front then you should putt with an arch when going back and forward. If you try to putt straight with a putter that drops it will try to pull the club around to the left. Remember that with an arch putting style you are opening the club going back and after you strike the ball or as you are striking the ball the club face will close.

That just means to check the club to see if it matches your putting style. If not, you have two choices. Change your putting style or get a new putter to match your putting style.

So with these three golf tips you have something to experiment with over the winter to make your clubs better. You will realize that some of the problems you have been having may not be your fault. You may have the perfect golf swing but because of the maker you do not know how to swing in golf with your clubs.

Get them checked to see where you are at and learn more about your equipment.

One last thing. If you are still playing or shutting down for the winter you can still learn the Simple Golf Swing from David Nevogt. It really is the best way to learn to play, especially for the hackers out there. Try it , he has a money back guarantee if you don’t like it. So you have nothing to lose.

See ya Tuesday after my last league play of the year on Monday night.

Lou M.

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