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This Years First Round of Golf

Well, here it is.

May 9th, tee off scheduled for 6:00pm with my golf, how to swing like I know what I’m doing.

This is not the perfect golf swing but it is pretty good.

Instead of a foursomes teeing off every 7 to 10 minutes, we are taking 12 to 15 minutes. The league has grown from 24 players to 32 and the golf course is full of leagues in front of us. We are the last league off. We are teeing off both nines at the same time to get every one done close together and to get everyone done. I was scheduled for last and the person I was suppose to golf with never showed. He is new to the league. His wife paid for his fee as an anniversary gift.

We are a threesome off last and I expect not to finish before dark. It is 6:15 pm as we tee off. Ok, enough griping.

I am last to tee off and I hit a nice easy swing and hit a nice high floater to the 100 yards from the green marker. So the drive is about 250 yards with my new, simple (?), easy swing. I am ecstatic. My second shot with my wedge is short by 15 yards. I chip on and two putt for a simple bogie 5.

We go to the second hole which is eleven as we teed off on the back nine. The hole is a par 3 and there are two groups on the hole, one is wandering around looking for balls and the other is standing on the tee box watching them and joking about what they are doing.

So about 20 minutes later it is our turn to tee off. In the meantime I have been telling the guys in my threesome about my new swing. They tee off and I go last.  I hit a great shot, it is high seven iron for a 147 yardage hole and it lands right next to the pin. I used to hit an 8 iron 150 but to start out I am using about a 70% swing.

The ball ends up about 2 feet from the pin. I putt my ball using the cross hand Generic Viagra Online Pharmacy grip and I miss the putt which is a severe side hill, down hill putt and then I putt back up to the hole from 3 feet for a par three. The first putt was a side hill and I babied the putt which curved away below the hole and ran down hill. Anyway, I am pretty happy with one over par after two holes with my brand new swing.

The 12th hole is a par five with a lake that covers about a third of the fairway. It is about 240 yards to the sand trap that covers the front and all of the fairway side of the fairway. Well, I use a three metal for this drive and I push it a little to the right, A good hit but not straight like I would have liked.

The sand trap is not soft enough to stop a ball from going into the water and I find my ball between the sand trap and the wooden border of the water. There is about three feet of grass between the two obstacles. So my second shot is going to be one in which I will have to swing between the wood and the trap lip which is front and back of my swing and I have to cover about 200 yards of water in front of me.

So I grab my three metal again and try a practice swing and find I don’t hit the wood or the lip, so I go for the swing to hit the ball. I hit a very good shot which travels over 250 yards straight and I am about 60 yards from the green in the middle of the fairway. Go new swing!

I chip onto the green about six feet away with my sand wedge and two putt for a par five. So after three holes I am one over par with my new swing.

Too much detail. Sorry about that but I want to talk about my first round with the perfect golf swing. Subsequent post will be much shorter. I hope!

I will tell you about the rest of my round tomorrow. See ya then.

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