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This was not the Perfect Golf Swing

I am writing this as early as possible to get rid of the smell and the lingering memory of the golf swing that wasn’t.

I played terrible last night. I suppose I could use the weather as an excuse, OK the weather was bad and it affected our play.

At game time it was 44 degrees, rainy and windy. I dressed for it this week as last week I was not ready for the cool weather at the end of the night. But dressing for it caused me to put on FIVE layers of clothes. It inhibited my swing and I had my winter driving gloves on while playing and riding in the cart. I had a headband that covered my ears and a hat to keep my head from getting frostbit.

You would think it was winter. Well, now for all of the bad news. The first four holes I was dressed with all of the things I mentioned above and tried to swing my clubs like that. Not hitting the ball very good was an understatement and not selecting the proper clubs for the weather was another issue.

The balls were traveling about 20% to 30% less than normal. My best drive of the night was about 230 yards. I hit a five iron, 150 yard shot about 130 yards for the second time. Of course it was into a 20 mph wind and a frozen ball.

My partner bailed me out on numerous occasions but I finally began playing half way decently over the last four holes. We ended up shooting a 41. Not bad considering it all. So I will just leave it at that.

By the way, for you new readers, this Monday night golf league plays best ball with different partners every week that we play. That means we hit from wherever the best ball lands and each take a shot to get to the next best position.

Example being, we both hit a drive and go to the best shot and hit our second shot from there, whether it is a 3 metal or a putter. Then we both take a shot from there until we putt the ball into the hole.

The golf scores are then added up with previous nights scores until a winner is crowned. He is the winner as he has the lowest total score for the 15 rounds that we play.

Last week, because of slow play, our group was not able to finish the last hole but his week we played faster, still 2 hours and 45 minutes but we were able to play all nine holes.

So that is enough about last night. The weather forecasters are predicting 72 degree weather for next Monday so I am hoping for better play and score.

So my next post is going to be about golfing. WoW! I am going to surprise you, so see you tomorrow.

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