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The Rain Can’t Stop the Perfect Golf Swing

The rain can’t stop the perfect golf swing but I can. In spite of it raining on the first hole at the first tee before we even tee off and hit our first shot, we were able to complete our nine holes.

And thank you for that. It stopped raining before we finished the first hole, which we parred so it was a good start.

My partner and I complimented each other perfectly.

When I missed a shot he picked me up and when he missed a shot I picked him up. The result was two bogies and three birdies for a round of 35.

There was another team that got a 35 too but there was one team that eagled the last hole for a 34. So we had a good night for our golf league. The going was slow and it took us well over  2.5 hours to play nine holes but when you are scoring well it doesn’t seem to bother you.

I’ve got to admit, some times I hit a perfect shot using the perfect golf swing but there are other times it looks as though I have no idea on how to do a proper golf swing. To the untrained eye the swing looks ok but the result is a terrible shot which is visible to all.

Actually the golf swing is not bad but over the last week I have been missing a lot of shots by hitting on top of the ball. I know that most of that was caused by trying to hit the ball too hard and I was raising up on my toes. But I have also developed this bad habit of having the club push out to the right which results in a golf shot that looks like I have no idea what I am doing.

I had three drives like that. One went so far into the right hand woods I didn’t even bother to look for it. But luckily, two stayed in bounds and we were able to use those drives and with those two drives we were able to birdie the last two holes.

For an example, on the eight hole I hit a drive way right. It was still in play but our next golf shot was blocked by trees. My partner asked me to hit first and all I tried to do was hit a six iron over the trees in front so that we could get to the fairway.

I dug a deep divot and the ball only traveled far enough to embed itself into the woods. So my partner tried to hit to the left of the trees and get into the fairway. Well he hit too far left and we ended up in the rough with these big trees in the left rough right in front of us.

So he decided to chip out to the right but missed his shot and he hit a tree and we did not advance to much. I had already decided to go over the trees with my wedge. We were only 100 yards from the green and the first big tree was about 40 feet in front of us.

I kept my head down the ball went straight up and over easily and landed on the green. As it turned out we were only five feet from the pin and my partner putted the ball in for a birdie. Which drove the other two golfers in out foursome crazy as they had played every shot from the fairway and ended up with a six to our four.

By the way, my golfing partner for this round is 70 years old. Not to take away from his ability but we used my drive on every hole except for the par threes where he was closer to the pin then me. That is pretty much typical as I hit the ball long and straight, normally. But he bailed me out on numerous occasions with good chip shots that enabled us to par many holes including the last birdie. My short game sucks right now but I am not concerned as I will eventually get it right.

I want to get more consistent with my drives and second shots and the chips will follow. I like hitting my drives down the middle like the last couple of weeks but every know and then I screw up and the perfect golf swing is not there.

I started this adventure looking for the simple and easy to use golf swing but I ended with this more complex golf swing that would give me the perfect golf swing. Maybe I made a mistake.

I think I will stay with this for the rest of the season and if it does not come around I can easily jump back and go for the simple and easy golf swing instead of the perfect golf swing.

Sorry about that but I gave you another long post. I keep wanted to provide some pictures of the golf courses I am playing at but the posts are so long that the picture would only make it longer. Maybe I will provide shorter post like I did before with some post being continued the next day and spread out these posts to five days.

Oh well, see ya tomorrow, Lou M. here.

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