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The Perfect Golf Swing With The Metals

The perfect golf swing

Hitting the metals using the perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing is suppose to happen no matter which club you use. The problem with that statement is it is not true. I can hit my metals, the driver, the three metal and the 5 hybrid much better than I can the irons.

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Today during my league play, I made sure that I was lined up properly so that I would not hit my metals with an open or closed face.

Here is the deal. My metals are clearly better suited for my current swing then are the irons I use. In the league today I hit seven perfect drives. I hit the fairways with each drive and the balls went straight where I aimed.

My partner stated, ” I love watching your drives, they are a thing of beauty”, while my opponent said ” Don’t you get tired of hitting them like that?”

Man if you are going to have someone say something about you, those are the two things you want to hear.

I did not use my 5 hybrid today but during my vacation, I used it 4 times and hit it straight and true and the shots went about 185 yards.

If only I could hit all my clubs with the perfect golf swing like I do the metals.

The perfect golf swing is there for the irons but…

In order to hit the irons like I would my metals using the perfect golf swing I am going to have to make adjustments. The golf swing is there but using it naturally, I do not hit my irons as long as I should. But it is not all of the irons I am having issues with.

The 2, 3 and 4 irons are just about perfect. They go straight and true and I hit them the distances I think they should go. I hit the irons 215 yards, 205 yards and 195 yards respectively.

The problems then are with my 6 through sand wedge. If I hit them like I think I should or do with the other clubs they go too high and not long enough.

I have taken the time to visit YouTube to watch videos about iron ball striking.

This particular video from Zach Allen is very good and I am going to practice the drill he uses at the end.

Do you see how he practices the hip movement to get the weight transfer to your front league. And believe it or not almost every video I watched preached the same thing, get your legs moving with your hips and make sure the weight transfer is onto your front foot. This will help me get more distance with my approach irons.

See if this does not help you with your perfect golf swing.

What to do next with the perfect golf swing

Now what should I do next to get my irons better to get my perfect golf swing better? I am going to spend some portion of the weekend practicing that swing. I am also going back to the previous post to add a video about hitting into the wind. There are a couple of different methods about this but I think I am going to use the Don Trahan method.

So because of the video I am going to cut this post short on my perfect golf swing.

I will post again next week.

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See ya then.

Yours Truly,

Lou M.

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