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The Perfect Golf Swing was Perfect

Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing was perfect

The golf swing was the perfect golf swing last night in the league play. I ended up shooting a perfect 36 in league play. My league is a little different then most other leagues in the fact that we play best ball with different partners every league night.

Last night the golfer I was to play with as a partner did not show up. So, I played by myself and as a result, with our rules, I could play two shots on every opportunity. For an example, on the very first drive I hit two drives, the first was hit slightly fat and the second was hit right on the sweet spot and went almost thirty yards further. I was able to use the longer one and put two chips onto the green and picked the closest one. I then putted a ball that was four feet short but my second putt went into the hole for a birdie three.

After seven holes I was two under par. Now I want you to think about this for a minute. It sounds very easy but if you were given a chance to play twice on every shot could you do better so that your score would be better. This occurs in our league every night where a player has to play by himself and is given two chances on every play. But most do not come close to par and as a matter of fact many do worse as they get tired hitting so many times during a round.

To make matters even worst it was 94 degrees with humidity in the 75% range last night. Yes, I was ridingĀ  in an electric cart with a cover on it but it was still very hot and humid while playing twice on every shot even with the perfect golf swing.

So how did the perfect golf swing help

You are probably wondering how the perfect golf swing helped when I should be using the golf swing right the first time. Well, in many instances, the first shot was the best.

You are probably wondering how this could make a difference. If you have ever played in a tournament you have played a four man version of the best ball. It is the only way to even play among very different teams. You know that the organizer of your foursome and every other foursome recruits a steady first ball hitter that puts the ball in play for the other three guys.

A very important guy is the big ball hitter that usually puts the ball in play but way out there. Then you have to have a very good short iron player that will get you close to the pin after having a big drive that has put the team very close to the green. The final person on the team is someone who can putt very well so that the team can sink those 3 to 10 foot putts,

This makes a very good team. It is rare that you can get one person to do it all. This would be a golfer that has a perfect golf swing for all aspects of golf and would shoot very close to par all of the time. Ever if given the opportunity to correct a mistake or try to make the second shot better then the first is a very hard to do.

Well, last night with my perfect golf swing going perfectly, I was able to do that.

Well what happened to the perfect golf swing

You are probably wondering what happened that would make me lose two strokes to par with the perfect golf swing on the last two holes. Well it happened on the second from last hole, a par three where I got a five and not par.

Usually, I will bring two clubs to almost every shot so that I will use my normal club and then a second different club. The first for a good safe shot and then the second for a better or different shot. For an example,, I will hit a three metal on a short par four to try and get it near or closer in then the 150 yard marker. Then I would use the driver to see if I could get on the green or close to on the green.

I would also do that for approach shots with say a seven iron and a six iron at 155 yards. Or if the pin where up front on a 145 yard I might use a seven and then an eight iron. I think you get the picture.

The second from last hole is a par three that is surrounded by water. It has the most balls in the water per group then any other hole on the golf course. I have used nine irons almost exclusively for the 120 yards required and have hit shots short of the green, on the green and over the green. So my choice was the nine iron. The first ball I hit was pretty good and looked like it might make it only to land short and in the water.

I was sure I knew what I did wrong and made the adjustment. Normally I would have a second club with me but I did not and was stubbornly sure that I could make the adjustment with the club and get on the green. Well it went further but it landed in the water pin high but off line to the right.

There is a drop area just before the water and I went there and took two chip shots for my third shot and two putted for a five.

I parred the last hole, a par five, for a par 36.

A great round but tainted by the water hole. I really wanted the 34 but alas it was not to be, It was a perfect golf swing round and really am proud of the fact that I can say I did it myself.

It also helped me learn more about my game and how to manage the course. Many times my first drive was the best and that drive could have been with my driver or a three wood and on two instances I used a four iron that put me in perfect position to approach the green.

So that is my story about the perfect golf swing on a hot summer Monday night that produced a perfect golf score.

This is long so no videos today. I got some thing coming for you to help make the blog a little better. It will begin this week sometime. So keep watching. If you want to know more about it and the golf swing, sign up for my newsletter and post notification service. JUST CLICK HERE NOW

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