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The Perfect Golf Swing Tips Today

The perfect gold swing tips are going to be used today.

My round of golf today was a real struggle. I felt like I had shot a 65 but in reality it was a 45. That sounds ok until you examine the scores.

For six of the nine holes I was two over par and for the other three holes I was seven over par and three lost balls.

All three holes, the bad scores were a result of a bad drive. A par four, par five and a par three.

Bad drives and lost balls. Two water balls on the par four which resulted in a seven. The par three was over a marsh area and I chili dipped into the marsh, dropped a ball in the drop zone, chipped on and two putted for a five. The par five was just dumb golf after the bad drive with a plus two for a seven.

I miss my driver but I did have three good drives with this loaner. I don’t have my three wood ether and I brought a five metal which I had not used in over 25 years until today. It took me three hits to finally figure out how to hit it.

So, all in all, I scored decently but it was a struggle.

My golf partner, on the other hand, had a good simple golf swing going but he was topping every shot he made for the first three holes. We finally got him into the proper stance to get him to hit the ball at the bottom of the arc. But sometimes he was standing up during the swing which caused him to top the ball.

There are your golf swing tips of the day. Make sure your ball is in the proper location for the golf swing. A good way to find out is to swing next to the ball and see where you scratch the grass and see if it is in the same location as where your ball is located.

Also, try not to over hit the ball which causes you to stand up to accommodate the lengthening of your arms and topping the ball.

Well, I’ve got to go as my wife and I are going golfing again. So if I find anything different to provide a golf swing tip to help you get to the perfect golf swing for you, I will let you know.

See ya later or maybe tomorrow. If not for sure on Monday.

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