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The Perfect Golf Swing Tips to do

The perfect golf swing tips – The perfect golf swing tips to do today


The Perfect Golf Swing Tips

Here is the perfect golf swing for you the average golfer, or you the high handicap golfer or for you the hack. Is there such a thing as a perfect golf swing for all of the above?

I have spent the last year and a half trying to find out which is the very best golf swing for all golfers except for the pros or scratch golfers. Why not them?

The scratch and pro golfers already have a grooved golf swing that would be hard to change and  why would any one want to change a swing that nets out at zero handicap? You can’t get any better then that unless you need small tips to get you slightly better. But who cares about them anyway.

These types of people, the scratch or pro won’t be looking at this site anyway. This site is for the people who are looking for a better golf swing, a perfect golf swing and a repeatable golf swing.

What is a perfect golf swing?

Let’s define what a perfect golf swing is and see if you want to learn how to do that golf swing.

Here is a golf swing that is a perfect golf swing. You are able to grip the golf club in such a way that whenever you swing you are able to feel that perfect golf swing like you are rocking your first born to sleep. It just feels right and you can do it over and over again whenever you want.

Your back swing travels perfectly over your head and then you follow through on your downswing in the perfect trajectory to match the balls flight path. When you make contact with the ball you feel the slight click off of the club face and the ball takes off so fast you have trouble catching up with it to see if it is on the path you wanted.

When you are through with the follow through you have the club behind your head in the perfect position to stand there posing like you are the pro your are suppose to be. Soon you see the ball land and it is out there approximately 280 yards and right in the middle of the fairway.

You have hit the perfect drive and when you get up to hit the second or third shot it does the same. You hit your irons or hybrids perfectly and the perfect golf swing is there for each and every shot.

What does it take to have the perfect golf swing?

What does it take to have this perfect golf swing and are you ready, willing and able to commit to doing what is required for the entire season.

It requires you to practice and hit balls at a rate that would marvel the pros. At least 500 balls per week at your local driving range. Also you must play at least 4 rounds of 18 holes every week. How do I know? I did that for entire seasons during six years. I hit balls at the private golf courses I played, each and every time I played which was a least three times per week.

I would play at least six times per week, golf leagues, weekends and as a guest at country clubs. How was I able to do that? It was part of my job. To be with the vendors that were providing the work and material for our plants to improve the quality of our parts. I would follow up on them and they in turn would take me golfing to keep me out of their hair.

Don’t get me wrong, that was only about 5 hours out of a day which still gave me time to keep track of what they were doing. Also, I was following between 2 and 14 shops at different times during this period. So it was easy to play and still keep track of my tools.

What did my boss think? We co-ordinated our days so that we would not run into each other on the golf course. So, the people that were taking us golfing also were good golfers as they played even more often then we did. I also had the luxury of using the pros at these country clubs as the members were not very active using the pros for themselves. So they were glad to help me and the member was happy to pay for that service for me. Sometimes there was no charge as I was getting pretty good towards the end and I would use the pros to tune me up with a minor look and adjustment.

Ready to submit to being the perfect golf swing golfer

I am pretty sure that you are not able to repeat what I did to get the perfect golf swing. There are probably only about 1,500 people in the world that can do that on a regular basis. So that leaves the rest of us ( I use us to emphasize that I no longer have that luxury now) to playing once, twice or maybe three times per week. There will be no driving range time unless we need to practice a new golf swing or get rid of a bad habit we have learned.

So what does that mean for you? It means you are going to have to become a decent golfer with a fairly good swing. You will hit your drives about 240 to 260 yards and be in the fairway most of the time and close those other times. You may get on the greens in regulation 75% of the time and shoot in the high seventies or low eighties. Does that sound like  something you would like to do?

My version of the perfect golf swing

I kind of gave you a rough draft of my version of the perfect golf swing. Even if you could only hit the ball about 220 yards on your drives and use a six iron to hit 150 yards you would still be able to shoot in the 80’s most of the time. The exceptions would be playing a new course for the first time. Then you would probably shoot in the 90’s. But that is acceptable.

Here is how you are going to do it. Wikipedia will not be able to show you how. I am able to because I have payed about $600 over the last year and a half to find THE Perfect Golf Swing, only to be disappointed due to deficiencies in each of the online instructors method of teaching the perfect golf swing.

So what have I done. I have gone back to basics.  There is no perfect golf swing for the masses. There are only good golf swings that can be repeatable without practice, practice and more practice. In the next post I will tell you about the very good golf swing for you.

Thank you

See ya next time

Lou M.

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