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The Perfect Golf Swing Tip For Practicioners

The Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing when you practice

If practice makes perfect golf swing then we are just about perfect. Over the past week we have been golfing almost every day. We took a trip to northern Wisconsin and stayed at a resort that had two golf courses that played 45 holes.

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We also played at another golf course that was about 17 miles away and enjoyed it so much that we went back the next day and played it again.

I have only one complaint, we played very close to Lake Michigan and the afternoon wind was 20 to 40 miles per hour. Well, I personally would rather play in a light rain then in a moderate or heavy wind as I just try to swing to hard to compensate for the wind. We would play late morning for our tee off and the second nine would be very windy. I would shoot a 42 or 43 for the front nine and then shoot a 48 or even a 50 for the back,. Just because of the wind.

I don’t know how to compensate for the wind, especially when it is in your face. I have a number of issues including judging distances with the wind in your face or at your back. On almost every hole I was short on every approach shot whether it be wind in my face, back or side. The worst is wind from the side as some shots are taken by the wind and others seem oblivious of the wind. I can play the perfect golf swing for the wind and it won’t go or I shoot straight for the pin and the wind takes the shot away and into trouble.

What can my perfect golf swing do to help against the wind

I am working on my perfect golf swing in normal wind conditions and have not tried any specialized shots. I know that when shooting into the wind you can shoot a “knock down” type shot that will help but I have not practiced that shot nor any others yet!

But, why? Look, most of the time I play in normal wind conditions and I am working on my perfect golf swing, not the perfect golf swing for all wind, temperature or rain conditions. So unless I play all the time in the wind, I will not practice those shots until I have mastered my perfect golf swing. So when I play in heavy wind conditions, I will be at a disadvantage and will not perform well.

My perfect golf swing is not yet perfect for heavy wind.

What did I do during normal conditions with the perfect golf swing

On the primary course I played on the first nine was shielded from the wind and in both instances I shot, with my perfect golf swing, in the low 40’s. On the same back nine I played twice, I shot in the high 40’s.¬† An average difference of 6 strokes different.

The sister course of the primary course was played in the wind for both nines. There were very few trees around to reduce the wind effect and it showed in my scores. On the two nines I average 50 due to high wind and a very tough course. It was very long, with lots of hidden waterways and mogul mounds with heavy grass. This course was a combo of a Scottish links course and a very heavy water course. A very challenging course for almost anyone that would play it.

The final course we played was further inland and was not affected by the wind. It was a 17 mile drive to get there and we did it twice because we liked the course. On the course the first time I played to an average of 43 and shot an 86. They had three nine hole courses and each had a different venue. The first nine was called the “River” and they built a river that began at a hole at the top of the course and meandered down the course through most of the holes.

The second nine was the “Gardens” and on the second hole they had a huge garden at the area between the first green and the second tee. And then throughout the nine they have gardens of various sizes. The last course is called the “Springs” and you can probably guess what that venue was all about. A neat idea to mold the course into whatever you want it to be.

The second time we played the course we played the same two nines which were the “Rivers” and the Gardens. Apparently the “Springs” were the original nine holes for the course when it was first built. But we played the others twice and I had an average of 42 which was a total of 84. Pretty good!

I felt my perfect golf swing was doing very well but I was experimenting with my ball location in my stance and have finally figured out where to locate my ball in the stance and that is between the forward location and the half way between my stance. It makes my perfect golf swing better.

I am going to cut this one short as I am still traveling and need to get on the road.

I will be home later today and will not post again until after tomorrow’s league play. I should be pretty good and my score should reflect my perfect golf swing. So until then have a great day and see ya tomorrow.

Thanks and see ya

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Lou M.

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