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The Perfect Golf Swing Seems Nearby

The Perfect golf swing is nearly here. I went to the golf driving range after posting on this blog yesterday to try and fix the many issues I have with my golf swing.

I got a large bucket of golf balls (80 balls) and went to the grassy area. I tried to practice like many of those tutors suggest including Paul Wilson. I would try a practice golf swing or two or three before trying to hit the ball. Hey, I just realized that I took over 200 swings with those 80 golf balls. No wonder I was sweaty and tired.

But I was better then half way through the bucket when the light bulb went on upstairs. I realized that I was not just making one error,  I was making three. It is funny how fast we can lose our concentration and start doing things wrong.

Here were my three errors. My back swing was too fast. I was lining up the ball too far forward in my stance. My swing was too flat and it needed to be more upright. I changed one thing at a time to see which made the most difference.

As it turned out, I needed all three to make a significant difference. Each change helped but did not make a difference by itself. I needed all three to make a change and what a change it was. All of a sudden I am hitting the ball straight again and pretty long but it is hard to tell how long until I get to the course.

I am putting this video for you to see what is considered a flat plane golf swing verses an upright plane golf swing. Just click on this link right below this paragraph and it will take you to the YouTube Video. When you are done watching the video just click on the back arrow at the top left and it will bring you back here. Hope you enjoy!

The Upright Golf Swing Plane

I searched for a video that could be used to show you and me what we are suppose to do.

He describes many of the issues I have been having to to hit the golf balls. Topping, chunking, pushing, pulling and a couple more. No wonder I have been frustrated.

So with this in mind, I hope tomorrow will be a good round.

Because we are pretty short let me recap.

I have helped my golf swing by taking the back swing slowly back, moved the ball further back in my swing towards my right foot, and moved my golf swing to a more upright golf swing.

With these things I have relearned, I should be pretty close to the perfect golf swing.

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