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The Perfect Golf Swing Routine Attempted

Perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing routine attempted

Well, I tried to use the pre-shot routine for my perfect golf swing but the only one that seemed to work was for my irons. For the first time in three weeks I could not hit a good drive except for the first hole and the last hole.

My drives were terrible. I lost two balls into the woods on the right side. I even tried using my three metal on one drive to play a little smarter but alas that failed too.

On hole one I drove to within 50 yards of the green which meant a drive of 290 yards. On the last hole I used a two iron and put the drive within 40 yards which meant a drive with a 2 iron of 230 yards against the wind and in the middle of the fairway.

My chipping was spectacular. I put three chips within a foot of the hole to save par. We scored well. My partner and I managed one over par 37 for the nine hole two man best ball play.

My perfect golf swing was just that on all shots except for drives and putting.

What’s on the horizon for the perfect golf swing

I am not sure what happened on my perfect golf swing drives. I am thinking that I was over swinging because of the wind. Ya, I know that I am suppose to be able to accommodate for the wind but I fell into the old trap and tried to compensate after that first hole spectacular drive.

I am hoping to go golfing with my wife either today or tomorrow and I will practice the drive.

But I must say, in order to end up with a 37, one over par, I had to be doing a lot of things right.

Even though I complain about my putting, I only had one bad putt and I think it was a result of not seeing a flat spot on the green which caused my putt to die six feet from the hole. It was a downhill putt that started out slow and was picking up speed when it took and unexpected left turn and just stopped. I am getting the ball close enough to have mostly tap ins for my second putt but I cannot make putts from three to ten feet.

I am going to have to practice putting and chipping. Yes, I know I said I had three great chips but I also had two that I skulled. I am not consistent with my chips and occasionally I do chili dip a chip but not yesterday. So there is that and I must practice my perfect golf swing in and around the house.

What else did I do with the perfect golf swing

The rest of the game was the perfect golf swing mostly and an occasional what the heck was that. For an example, the two par threes were both missed. The first one I hit an eight iron to a green that was 145 yards away and was short by 10 yards of even getting on the green. Then on the second par three at 117 yards into the wind I put a 9 iron over the green by 15 yards and ended up 30 yards away. Now that one was a mystery. Into the wind and the pin back. I normally hit a 9 iron between 120 and 130 yards but this one went 140 yards into the wind. Go figure?

But the hole before the second par three, I was in the trees to the right and my partner was in the trees to the left. We used his as the trees that were in our way were far enough away where we could go over them. It was about 140 yards to the green into the wind. It would have been an 8 iron normally without the big wind but I used a seven and cleared the trees by 20 yards over and landed on the green pin high, we two putted for a par. It was a spectacular shot.

I have used that word a lot, spectacular, today and I am not sure why. But I did hit some great shots that even impressed me. I hit many good shots that helped us score as well as we did. My partner was happy to be playing with me as he would normally be around a 50 in a normal league but we each got the 37 score. He is down around the bottom of the second third of players and I am in the top seven. We have 40 golfers in this league and the way I have been playing the last three weeks I would say that I am in the top two players.

I have still been looking for a pre-shot routine that will help my perfect golf swing. Yesterday, I gave you the good, the real good and the ugly. Today I have for your viewing pleasure a pre-shot routine that you can practice to get it right. I think that this is the best so far. Is it the best, I don’t know as I have not seen all of the best but it sure makes a lot of sense and is easy to duplicate.

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