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The Perfect Golf Swing Needs Work

Perfect Golf Swing

My Perfect Golf Swing Needs Work

My perfect golf swing needs work to fine tune it and to have it ready for next season. Although, there is still about 2.5 months of golf still for this season but the leagues are over.

For an example, Tuesday and Wednesday my wife and I played golf and I played like it was a league day. I shot a 41 and 43 respectively. Thursday was my last league day and it was a four man best ball. I hit four very bad drives until I realized what I was doing wrong and then hit the remaining three drives almost perfectly.

We did not win but we had a good time.

Today my wife and I are going to play another nine hole round of golf and I think we shall go to another course.

Also, I went through the last six rounds of golf on my Monday night league which again is a best ball format and calculated those last six rounds. I was a 36.33 average for those last six rounds. For the entire season my average golf score was 39.27, tied for third.

On my Thursday league, I was one of the two most improved golfers from last year. The best was 8 strokes better and I was 6 strokes better this year over last year.

So, as you can see, my perfect golf swing really improved my overall golf scores.

Can you say that about your golf score(s)?

I know, you will say that I spent a lot of money to learn my perfect golf swing and you would be right but I am willing to share it with you but you must follow my lead and you too can be better next year over this year.

You see, I plan on being better next year over this year. I have to improve my putting for sure and I need to concentrate or find a way to repeat my perfect golf swing every time.

How am I going to share my perfect golf swing with you.

I am going to share my perfect golf swing with you in this manner.

First, I want you to go and purchase “The Simple Golf Swing” from Symple Golf and I want you to sign up for my newsletter by Clicking Here NOW!

Second, I want you to go through the DVD’s you get and practice the grip, swing and all the other things that go with Symple Golf’s Swing. In the meantime, you will start to get  emails from me that will help you with the basics.

Third, you will then get emails from me after the basics that will show you how I modified my Symple Golf Swing to improve my swing.

Soon you will get your DVD’s and you can watch and learn. Keep my emails for reference and you will see why I modified my swing over what is given by Symple Golf.

I have used many things to make my perfect golf swing. I did not take the lessons from just one teacher but from almost all of the teachers I have bought lessons from. I learned a little bit from all of them. I learned from about four of them or maybe even five but I needed to do that in order for me to feel comfortable swinging the club.

Again my perfect golf swing get’s it’s basics from Symple Golf’s, “the simple golf swing”. I learned the lessons from Paul Wilson about using a 3/4 swing for control and some other things from him and Revolution Golf. I also learned from the other “Simple Golf Swing” from David Nevogt. And then there was Bobby Wilson, the long drive champion. Just those four I have mentioned cost me approximately $370.

So if you want to buy these then go ahead or you can just get Symple Golf’s, the Simple golf swing buy Clicking Here NOW! and sign up for my newsletter.

You can learn to get your perfect golf swing also by following the steps I have provided above. The price of Symple Golf’s course is about the price of dinner for two with a couple of drinks. It is not expensive and they talk about raising the price so don’t dally, get your copy now.

And like I said it comes in DVD’s (three) for you to keep and review when needed. There is another DVD you can buy for putting which cost about $20.

Get them now and practice before the snow falls. Then you can practice your swing during the winter months to be ready right out of the gate next season.

You to can have your perfect golf swing before the year is up. Then you can see about getting those clubs you wanted but put off because you are a hack. You will not be a hack with these lessons that include the Symple Golf DVD’s and my additional modifications you can use to make your swing the perfect golf swing.


Thanks and see ya next week.

Lou M.

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