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The Perfect Golf Swing May Not Matter

The perfect golf swing may not matter if the equipment is all wrong.

You are probably wondering what I am talking about. You have recently gone out and bought the perfect golf set. You spent a lot of money and you have done all of the research. This set you bought was rated the highest and it was given a 4.9 star rating.

But, it could be all wrong! When I started this journey, I was looking for a perfectly simple and easy golf swing that could be picked up easily each season to get your golf scores better each year.

Well, I have learned a whole lot more then I ever dreamed.

I also found out that your equipment could be creating problems for you.

Even though the manufacturers have a standard they must follow , they have very lose tolerances. Apparently this standard is more a guideline then a standard.

Part of Revolution golf is using their golf club building specialist, Bronson Wright, to show us the differences between the same manufacturers own builds. For an example; they can send you five 48 gram shafts with same flex, weight and whatever guideline they want to use and it will vary by 12.5% to 18.75% just in weight. It could weigh as much as 53 grams to 57 grams for a specified 48 gram shaft.

So if you told a dealer that you wanted a club with a specific shaft, and a certain golf club head and a particular grip with a certain loft and weight, the club you are sent will vary by 10% to 20% from the spec you are given or you have requested.

What all that means is you could be getting variations from every shot you make with that club because of the variance  the manufacturers have. It could mean a variance of 10% to 20% in the distance and direction that the ball will travel.

Another example that the golf club specialist shows in one of his videos is the difference in spin rates using the same club head over and over with three of the same shafts. Identical shafts sent by the same manufacturer created spin rates that varied from 2558 to 3538 revolutions with the same driver head that was exchanged to the different shafts.

That created a difference in distance of over 8 yards. If they would have used difference heads that were supplied as the same with it’s variance of 10% to 20% the distance could have been even more dramatic.

So what can you do? Well, if you can afford it, you can have your clubs made and fitted by a club build specialist. I know that many of you cannot afford to do that but some of the golf club selling chains have fitting specialist that can look at your swing and determine what would be the best combination of shaft, club head and grip.

Contact them to see if they can handle the building of your clubs. If new clubs are not in your budget then the best we can do is to learn to swing the golf club better and tolerate those variations.

Also, I recommend Paul Wilson from Revolution golf or David Negolt from Simple Golf Swing. Paul is the one if you want to change you entire golf swing but David is the one if you want to use the simple golf swing with minor changes.

Personally, I use a combination of them and another. So my golf swing is becoming a three golf pro hybrid.

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