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The Perfect Golf Swing is starting to come

The perfect golf swing is getting better. Today was golf day and there was no rain.

I played better today but I still am having problems with my golf swing. I sometimes wonder if going with the completely revised golf, how to swing perfectly is really a better idea then just going with the simple golf swing.

Let me show you examples. My first three hits all went to the right. Not wildly but a push shot none the less. When I realized what I was doing wrong, I was on hole number 4. I wasn’t using the proper golf grip and I had two shots that were off line due to me not lining up the shot.

My putting was excellent and I had only 16 putts. I had a three putt on hole nine for a final 45. I should have had four out of the last five at par but I three putted one and two putted from three feet on another.

My chipping was great also and put me into a position to score well.

So, all in all, I played fairly well. I just need my short term memory to work a little better. After all, I did go to the driving range yesterday and worked out all of those rather nasty bad golf swings.

So I think with a couple more rounds of playing to get into a groove I shall begin to play better. I see progress. It is slow but I am making changes for the good.

By the way it was still a little cool today but not real bad. The round started out at 58 degrees and it was probably 63 or 4 by the time we finished but I got chilled at the end as the wind was blowing a lot harder then the 5 to 10 mph they were predicting and I had stripped down a little by taking my wind breaker off.

So that is it for the week and I am fairly happy with my fourth round of play at one round per week. The season started four weeks ago and I have only been able to play four times and even those times the weather sucked.

It is a slow start but it will get better, I promise. Well that’s it for the week and I will ┬ásee you next Tuesday. They are predicting sunny and 80 degree temperatures. I will practice to try and get the perfect golf swing closer to perfection.

Have a great weekend and hit them straight.

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