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The Perfect Golf Swing is Sometimes

The perfect golf swing is not always there. It is a sometimes golf swing. I don’t know if I lose my concentration or is it that I try to swing to hard or two soft or what ever.

The first hole ended with a double bogie. I had an almost perfect drive. This par four is very nice and my second shot was just about 110 yards. I used a wedge and swung pretty hard as I knew it was going to be short. Well it landed in the sand trap up against the forward lip.

The sand was damp from recent rain and the morning dew. So I tried to just scoop it out and that is all I did was just barely scoop it out. Chipped on the green but was about 13 feet away and two putted for a six.

The next hole was a par 5 which I pared and the third was a par four that I pared. Play is really slow though, so we are waiting now on every shot. My mind starts to wander. The next hole was just like the first but no trap and I am on the green in three. This is the first putt of four just like it.

I am looking for a 1/2 a cup break and the putt breaks about half of that and sits right next to the hole. A bogie. The fifth is a par three and I land just to the right, chip up and look for a two inch break and it goes straight for a bogie.

The sixth is a disaster.

It is a short par 4 and I decide to use my three metal to drive with and I top the teed up golf ball and put it in the swamp in front of us. I pull my driver out and decide to hit it as close to the green as possible but I push it to the right out of bounds. My fifth shot is on and I roll another ball right up next to the hole for a seven.

The seventh is a par 3 and is about 105 yards. we all land on the green and I am about 15 feet. I roll the ball right up to the side of the hole and it won’t curl in so it is a par. The other three sink their putts and I am high man with a par. This was the third nearly made putt which I missed by one inch.

The eighth hole I missed the green but put a chip to within 8 feet. Putt it up and it rolls past by six inches along the edge of the hole. A bogie five.

The last hole is a par 5 across the water. I learned from last week and aimed slightly left of the 150 mark but pulled it just ever so slightly. I am in the middle of the fairway about 200 yards out. I decide to go for a safe layup and take out a four iron.

I am not exactly sure of what happened but I push it right and it goes into the water. I put a new ball down next to where it went out and have a 100 yard pitch across the water. The hole makes a right turn at the end of the pond so you are obligated to hit across the water if you are more than 50 yards away from the hole.

I have a putt of 13 feet with a big bend. I putt it really well and get to within three inches for a tap in bogie. The final is a 45 and I feel like I played well and should have made four of those putts that I rolled up next to the holes. I end up with 17 putts. Not bad but it could easily have been 13 putts with a little luck.

Also, If I would have used my driver on six and just bogied that would have been two less strokes for a 39. So you see I played well but could not get any breaks.

I am very happen with my golf swing but I cannot get any breaks. I will just keep plugging away and in the meantime, I am going to do another post tomorrow. I really believe I have as close to the perfect golf swing as I am going to get. All I need to do is to practice more and get it grooved.

This Friday post will be about what I am doing right and what it is I have been practicing on and give you more golf tips.

So, I look forward to providing another post tomorrow to make up for the one I was not able to Post on Tuesday.

Also, I had written this post earlier and my cable was not working. After screwing around with it most of the day, I finally reset my modum and now I have cable. What a dummy.

See ya Tomorrow.

Lou M.

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