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The Perfect Golf Swing, is it Real?

We have talked about the perfect golf swing but what we don’t know is the perfect golf swing real?

I believe that there is no such thing and if there were, who would judge it as so.

Have you watched the pros swings? They are all very different so which one is perfect? Which on is real? Well who knows.

That is what I am talking about. Do we want the perfect golf swing or do we want a good golf swing for me or for you or for you. Do we want to know how to swing in golf nice and eay that will get us great golf scores.

For an example, when I was playing at my full potential and had a 4 handicap, was my swing perfect or did I just have a very good swing that was grooved. You see what I mean.

I think we need to forget about having the perfect golf swing and just concentrate on having a good  or even maybe a simple golf swing that we can repeat each and every time we swing the golf club.

If we can repeat our swing each and every time we swing the clubs then all we have to do is make small  or minor adjustments to make it better. Let’s take a look at what that means.

Suppose you have the repeatable golf swing that you can score mostly pars but every now and then you are short or you take a divot before hitting the ball and kind of chunk it so that it comes up short. What can you do?

Well, if your swing is repeatable then all we have to do is to make an adjustment in our location of the ball in our stance. In other words, if we are taking a divot before striking the ball then put the ball further back in the stance. Make small incremental moves. Move the ball back about a half a ball or less in the stance for that club only.

You should check this by taking a practice swing and seeing where the divot starts. If this swing agrees with our move then maintain that location with that club. You should check the locations of the other clubs as you are about to hit the ball by taking a practice swing to see where the divot starts.

What I am telling you is that where you locate the ball in your stance is not set in stone. You should check it each and every time you want to hit a golf ball by taking the practice swing and seeing where you are making a mark in the grass and adjust you stance there and then and for that particular club only.

Then do it again and again for each different club you use.

Does that make sense to you. But this is only possible when you have a consistent golf swing that is predictable.

So getting back to the original, is the perfect golf swing real. No what we want is a repeatable golf swing that is good for each golfer. Or even better a simple golf swing that is repeatable.

Enough for this golf tip, have a great weekend and holiday.

See ya Tuesday, Lou M.

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