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The Perfect Golf Swing is here to stay

The perfect golf swing is here and it is going to stay.

Today was my best round of the year. I had  five holes where I was putting for birdie. I was hitting greens like I was playing darts.

Remember how I was telling you how well I was playing par threes, well today was not the day. Both par threes were between clubs and I tried to swing a little too fast and the balls were pushed out to the right and were lost forever.

I got fives on both of those little critters and still shot a 42. One par four, I just was not paying any attention and lined up right into the trees and as a result I got a double bogie 6 there.

The final bad hole was a simple bogie where I didn’t chip good enough and two putted. But I did birdie the last hole a 515 yard par five and used a driver, a five metal, a forty yard pitch and one putt from one foot.

My drives are still giving me troubles but as long as I pay attention, open the club face and just try to swing so that I made solid contact I can put the drive down the middle. The drives are only about 240 yards at best and some are only 220 but they are in the fairway.

I hit 6, 7, 9 irons to the green as well as that wedge on the last hole. All of the par threes on the par fours and par fives were perfect but not so on the par threes. Oh well, some day I will put all of them together. Just imagine today, if I had parred the two par threes, I would have shot a 38.

Saying that is not to far fetched considering the way I had been hitting the par threes over the last few outings. So, the game is close and the golf swing is near perfect. We were a three some following a two some that was following a slow foursome.

With that being said we joined the two some and the three some to get a five some and we were still waiting on the foursome. One of the guys in the two some said to me that I had a beautiful golf swing. That is what we are trying to achieve. The perfect golf swing.

Just to let you know, he is not the first nor do I expect him to be the last to remark on  my golf swing. There have been about seven guys who have made a comment about how nice my golf swing is.

So, I am going to settle for a near perfect golf swing and just try to get as many good golf scores as I can. Early on, I told you that I did not think I could score par rounds or be a four handicap ever again. But I would be doggone proud to be a 10 handicap going into my twilight years.

I went and played another nine holes after playing in the morning. My brother-in-law asked me to play with him and his son and another friend of ours. It was on another course I had never played before and I played pretty good. But I was playing casual and chit chatting away. So I was not paying attention some of the times and got into trouble but I still ended up with a 44.

I really don’t think I played that bad but it was just fun and they were not playing that well so I did not press and try to play real good. We have not played a round of golf together in almost 6 years. We see each other at family gatherings but not much more. So it was nice to be out with them.

I guess the only tip I can give is that there is no such thing as a perfect golf swing. This golf swing is very complex and a lot of things to remember. I guess if I had to do it all over again, I would go with the Simple Golf Swing. I am still playing at a disadvantage without my driver, three metal and five iron.

Instead I am using a borrowed driver, a five metal and still no five iron. The best part of my game is the approach shots, pitches, chips and putts. In other words my short game is great and I like playing nine par threes which then makes my game the perfect golf swing.

Look it, have a good weekend and enjoy the golf, the weather, friends and family. See ya on Tuesday.

Lou M.

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