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The Perfect Golf Swing is a Good Golf Swing

The Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing is really a good golf swing

The days roll by rapidly when you are having fun with your perfect golf swing. I have been playing well and enjoy every time I get out to the course.

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So I am going to work on more information for you, the very good golfer that wants more than my posting scores. I am going to provide new articles from various sources and also provide information about some of the very tough holes I play on the four or five courses I frequent. I hope that will liven up my web site. It seems to me that it is becoming a boring. So I want to put a little more pep into my writings. I hope this will please you and any of the new people that are coming but will not staying as it is too long and boring.

But to finish with what I have been doing until I can get my stuff together to provide this better info, I will provide you with a short version of what I have been doing over the past four days. My perfect golf swing seems to be getting better.

The past perfect golf swing days

My league day on Thursday helped me get even more comfortable with my perfect golf swing. I started out with a great part but then on the second hole I pushed my drive out of bounds. My second shot went out of bounds also so I was chipping onto the green for a five and then three putted for a max 8. I bogied the third hole with three putts again and then got a bogie four on the fourth hole. Then I parred all of the rest for a 42. Pretty good except for the second hole but I played well the rest of the way out.

Because I am going out of town next week, I made up my round by playing on Friday. One of the guys I was playing against on Thursday was going to miss next week also so we played together. I also brought my wife along to let her have some fun and get used to playing with other people in our group.

We played another course which our league is suppose to play next week and hit the links at 11:00 am. I was not paying attention and yanked the ball way left and put it out of bounds. The ball hit the stairway of the deck and bounced away from the house but it was still out of bounds. I brought the ball back in bounds and played the next shot which landed on the green and I two putted for a bogie five. I parred the next three holes and then got a bogie four on the fifth hole a par three. I continued on with a couple more bogies and shot a 40.

The last hole is my favorite. It is a dog leg to the right. It is shaped like a boomerang except it makes another right turn at the green. I like shooting across the pond and have been on this green in two twice. I pulled it just ever so slightly and just stopped at the out of bounds marker. It was long grass and I did not get out cleanly but my third shot put my just left of the green over the trap. I chipped back on for four and two putted for a bogie six. The only reason I mentioned this is that after my original drive I took a practice drive to see if I could drive to the 150 mark over the pond. So I teed it up and swung away. I was five yards short of making it to land, so now I know where I can shoot too and be safe.

So, my last two rounds of the perfect golf swing I averaged 41. I would say that is pretty good.

What is next for the perfect golf swing

Again, I think I am going to look for what other people are saying about the perfect golf swing. You already know what my feelings are about the perfect golf swing so it cannot hurt to find out what others have to say.

I am not afraid of being proven wrong but there is going to have to be a very strong argument to prove that there is a real perfect golf swing. A perfect golf swing that can be had by all golfers if they choose. So we shall see what we shall see.

I think that is enough for now. Where I am going I don’t know if they have Internet access, so I will try to provide info about what I am doing until I can get set up for the new info based web site.

So, next week will be hit or miss at best and I will be back online about mid week of the following week.

In the meantime, enjoy golf and have some fun trying to get your perfect golf swing.

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See ya,


Lou M.

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