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The Perfect Golf Swing in Gatlinburg

Perfect Golf Swing

The Perfect golf swing in Gatlinburg

Well here we are in Gatlinburg Tenn. and I got to use my perfect golf swing at the Gatlinburg Golf Course yesterday. This course is my all time favorite golf course. It is tough, hilly and lots of trees. But I seem to score good there and the scenery is quite spectacular.

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I did notice though that there is more growth in the area. More condos, homes, businesses and people. I have not been here for two years and lots can happen in that period of time. The golf course has not changed but the surrounding area has.

The Gatlinburg golf course is not in Gatlinburg but in Pigeon Forge on the road headed to Dollywood.

Funny thing occurred. We stopped after nine to get some food and when we got back in line we ended up behind the two guys that were behind us and in front of two women. As it turned out both groups were from Canada. The guys up front were brothers from Gaslow, Scottland and one was living in London, Ont. and the other was living in Windsor, Ont. The two women were also Canadians from Windsor, Ont.. Nether knew the other.

How this came to be known was the women were trying to find an easier course to play. They were tired of having side hill shots that were above there knees and were looking for another course to play. It turned out that they were from Canada and I told them abut the guys from Canada also. I had just turned my cart in the guys were on the deck of the club house. So I told the woman about the men and they told me “SHUT UP” and headed off to look for them. I guess that is Canadian for WOW.

Anyway, I went looking for videos on YouTube to show you some of Gatlinburg but there are very few videos done about the golf course. I have two to show you and one is about the 12th hole. It is 186 yards from the white which is equivalent to 154 yards. Why you say? Because it is about 150 to 200 feet elevation above the green.

The second video shows some guys clowning around with a Happy Gilmore shot at the green. When I did it I used an 8 iron and ended up about 10 feet short of the green. I chipped on and two putted for a four. Happy to have that and not another lost ball.

I could tell you more about the golf course but here are the videos instead. Enjoy;

Gatlinburg course vlog

Video two Happy Gilmore “12th hole Gatlinburg”

I hope you enjoyed the two videos as much as I enjoyed playing the course. By the way, I shot an 87. Quite happy about that and maintaining my perfect golf swing.

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Lou M.

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