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The Perfect Golf Swing Continues to Evolve

The perfect golf swing is getting better and better.

Have you ever had a day when everything went wrong but you thought you did everything right?

Well, that is what happened to me today at the golf course. My golf swing was there. I hit the ball almost perfect every time including a 280 yard drive on the last hole. But little mistakes occurred and the score ballooned.

The first hole I was very good.

A nice drive and a 150 yard second shot that landed me on the green but the green was way faster then the putting green. I ended up three putting for a five.

It continued like that for the rest of the round. Just one more example. The last hole is a 487 yard par five. I was left with a 200 yard shot. My entire game is shorter then last year with this new golf swing. 200 yards is to long for my three iron and too short for my three metal. So my aim is to get close and chip on then two putt for a par.

I hit a good three iron only to have it hit something in the fairway that kicked it into the sand trap in front. This sand trap is 30 yards from the green so I decide to use my wedge to pitch out. It goes right almost like a shank. I pitch on but I am behind the green and the ball rolls off the front edge. I chip on, two putt for a seven.

I end up with a 45 and it very well could have been a 39 or 40 except for stupid stuff.

Oh well, it will come to me eventually.

I like the video I put on the last post so I decided to look around for something else for your viewing pleasure. I found a video from Swing Man Golf and I like the pro. He is very young looking but he is a long ball tournament pro. So if he has something to show then it should be worth your time.

Again, the link below will take you to YouTube and when you get done with the video just click on the back arrow at the top left and you will come back here. Enjoy and I will have some closing comments after the video.

Swing Man Golf Video on YouTube

This is something I have been working on to get me more distance. I will experiment with his swings like he shows us and maybe that will help me.

My golf swing is much better but I still want to hit it further or HARDER but that is wrong. Every now and then I will try to kill the ball.

One reason I may have had trouble scoring today’s was that I was working with my golfing partner to get him to slow down his back swing. As he got slower his golf swing got better. So maybe there was a lapse for me when I went to hit my next shot thinking about what he had just done and what I can do to help him.

The perfect golf swing for me is getting better and better and pretty soon the golf scores will be there too. I hope you enjoyed the video from Swing Man Golf.

I will see you on Tuesday but I will have no golf scores from Monday as it is a holiday and we are not playing. I will look for another video for you to view. Have a good weekend and enjoy the holiday and please drive safely.

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