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The Perfect Golf Swing at Bent Creek

Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing at Bent Creek

This is the second installment on my vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee using my perfect golf swing at the Bent Creek Golf Course. This course is very similar to Gatlinburg Golf Course except the front nine is much more open and easier. The course has some very unique holes and if you play it for the first time you will be completely lost.

I shouldn’t say that as the card has explicit instructions on what to do for each hole. I played better here and ended up with an 83. I thought that was excellent especially when I played with my family who collectively shot a 339 (that’s an estimate).

I was able to find a video on YouTube which showed another family of golfers playing the 14th hole at Bent Creek. It is very similar to the hole at Gatlinburg’s par 3 that is 186 yards out but should be played as a shot of 154. This one is 113 yards but is hit as an 86 yard shot.

The video I have for you is very accurate as to what the hole is like. To begin with there are 46 steps to go up and down from the cart path to the tee box. That equates to 81 walking steps as many of the steps are three or four feet long. When you get to the top they have a pad of astro turf as the tee box. There is a place for a broken tee but I hit off of the astro turf.

The group you are going to watch in this video looks to have hit six or seven shot and did not land on the green, We did the same and my family lost four balls except for me as I got very lucky with my perfect golf swing. I landed on the green and the ball still had enough spin on it to draw back to within 12 feet of the pin.

Then you walk down 46 stairs steps taking 81 steps to get to the carts again. Then there is a drive down a very steep winding cart path to the green area. There you see that the hill we just came down has a creek at the bottom and balls cannot be found or retrieved.

The hole just before this par 3 is a par 4 that you drive out to a spot and then hit a blind shot to a green that is about 160 yards away but below the golfers by about 80 feet. So I used an 8 iron to hit a 160 yard shot by aiming at a tall tree off in the distance and landed next to the green. So you have two holes, back to back, where you have a significant drop down to the green using less clubs then normal.

In the video they don’t talk about that but it is unique and fun. I got to tell you though, they have a terrible time on this golf course with flies, bees and gnats. They are in your face, eyes, ears and nose all the time on every shot so it is very annoying. Plus they have flies that bite you and I have a few welts on my ankles and face from these flies.

Anyway, it was a good time for all and the adult children enjoyed this course better than Garlinburg Golf Course. Personally, I enjoy Gatlinburg more but that is because I have played it more and consider it my favorite golf course.

Enough about me and my perfect golf swing. My leagues are winding down and I think I have ended up in third on my Monday league and in the middle of the pack with my partner on Thursday.

But more about that this week. Here is the video I promised and I wish it was better but even using my digital camera you cannot get a good picture that will provide the feel of the hole while you are standing about 150 feet above the hole and shooting down to it. Your drive, especially with a wedge ends up being about 250 feet off the ground while in flight to the hole. When it lands, many that land on the green are plugged when they land towards the lower section of the green.

So the name of this video is called the Keely Family video 2; enjoy

Perfect Golf Swing is not what is being used here with this family.

But you get the idea. The hole is very tight and if you are not accurate, you are in trouble but isn’t that true most of the time?

That is why I have advocated using a simple golf swing with a short backswing and the one I have found to be the best is from Symple Golf. I have a means to get to the web site and sign up for my newsletter at the same time. You will get info about golf stuff and I will also let you know when I post each time you don’t have to keep coming back and seeing the old post.

So please sign up by CLICKING HERE NOW and you will not be unhappy that you did. You get info from me about your perfect golf swing and a simple and effective way to hit a golf ball and score better.

Thanks and see ya later,

Lou M.

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