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The Perfect Golf Swing and Lightning Threat

Perfect Golf Swing

How to play the perfect golf swing when A storm fast approaches

How do you speed up your game to finish the round before the lightning and thunder gets too close even using the perfect golf swing. That occurred today. We finally get some rain but it happens just as we were suppose to tee off.

We waited for about thirty minutes. Then we were given the all clear. It remained over cast and finally on the eighth hole it began to thunder. As the sign on our cart says, “When thunder is heard then lightning is near.”

So we began to move faster and as a result I was six over par for the last two holes. For the first seven holes I was only three over par. I had a good round going and I always seem to do well on this nine.

My real bad club today was my 5 hybrid. I used it three times today after not using it for three rounds and had three bad shots. These three bad shots cost me over five strokes on the score card but I had a good round going anyway except for the last two holes. I had two triple bogies on these last two holes. Part because of the 5 hybrid and also because we were hurrying to beat the lightning. Maybe it was the result of the same issue.

My perfect golf swing left me all of a sudden.

How to control the perfect golf swing when a storm fast approaches

I believe what happened was I lost my concentration on my perfect golf swing and hurried to get away from the storm. As it turned out, when we finally got back to the club house, they were sounding the all clear. I never heard the take shelter siren. But we were finished anyway and I shot a 45 with a near perfect golf swing.That’s what you are suppose tpo do is get a routing for your setup so that you will not be distracted from your perfect golf swing.

This a improving with the perfect golf swing

Things are getting better though, On Monday I shot another 36 with my golf partner using my perfect golf swing. So that gives me two 36’s and a 41 over the last three rounds on Monday.

That’s what the perfect golf swing is suppose to do for you. I was not very good for the first three holes but my partner carried us, then I took over for the last six holes.

This round was played in very windy conditions but I played it well. We had some strange situations where we took extra or shorter clubs and had astounding results.

On the 13th hole it is 190 yards to the water. My partner used a 4 iron and put his in the water. Well, I really clubbed down and used a 6 iron. I had one bounce and it went into the water. I did hit a perfect shot with a long high arc. It looked pretty against the blue sky. That was our only bogie of the day. The 15th hole was a birdie and then we parred all of the others.

The last hole was similar to the 13th. We had long drives on the 18th par 5, 498 yard hole. We were left with 177 yards to the green. I hit a six iron again and it bounces once over the green. My partner used an 8 iron and did the same thing. We chipped back onto the green and two putted for a par. Very strange. The perfect golf swing round. I believe that day if I had played by myself I would have had a 39. That is how good I played.

Well enough about me I have another video for your viewing pleasure.

This one is called, “Compress Through the Ball! #1 Most Popular Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement”, enjoy!

I do this but we all compress the balls..

I prefer to use my wide perfect golf swing and sweep the ball. It seems to work well for me. I am still able to stop most balls on the green unless they are really dry and hard.

I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you next week.

See ya,

Yours truly,

Lou M.

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