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My New Perfect Golf Swing

The Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing is here and earlier then I thought

This perfect golf swing has happened faster then I thought. The week has been very busy so far. Monday was the beginning of the golf league, Tuesday was a day at the range for me and my golfing partner on the Thursday league and Wednesday was a day on the course with my wife.

Just a reminder. My golf league, on Monday evening is a best ball league. Every week we have a new partner and we play best ball. What I call best ball is when you each hit a drive and then you select the best ball for both of you to hit from for each shot until you sink the ball into the cup. Then you do it again for each hole after that until you have played nine holes.

The man I had for a partner is very busy. They warned me that he would not be here until very late if at all. But he showed up early and we were able to tee off early. I then found out why is not very dependable. This is mid May and he has already traveled 48,000 miles for business. He has been all a round the world a number of times including Brazil, Japan, China, Mexico and more.

He has not played more than three rounds of golf in any one year over the past 15 years. He did go out with his son this past weekend as he wanted to be able to play and not look to bad. So it was up to me to carry us but we were each suppose to hit three drives that was used by us both. So we had to pick and choose when and where to do that to maximize our score. We used his drive on both par threes and got fours. My drives were about the same as his so it would not have made any difference. We had to use his drive on the last hole, a par five as we needed his third drive and ended up with a birdie four using my next two shots and he sunk the putt for the four.

It sounds like I am preparing you for bad news but a funny thing happened while playing golf for the first time, we had a 40 for the round which was second best score of the league. There were two teams at 39 and two teams at 40. So we are one off the lead after playing the first night. Both team members get the same scor3e so we both have 40’s using my perfect golf swing.

The perfect golf swing continues on Tuesday.

My golf partner on my Thursday night league has no perfect golf swing.

Now my golf partner has a very similar story about his not so perfect golf swing. He has not played more than about four rounds of golf until he joined the Thursday league and became my golf partner. His rounds varied between 49 and 65 last season. He vowed  after the season ended and over the winter that he would get clubs and take lessons and become a better golfer.

He was not looking for the perfect golf swing but a swing that he could repeat and become a better golfer. We don’t start golfing until next Thursday. This league is pretty much like every league where we have the same partners, with handicaps and we take 80% of our handicap and use it to take strokes off of the hardest holes until we use up our handicaps. We usually only do that for the difference in our handicap to our opponents.

He had called me last week to see what I was doing during the week as he wanted some assistance on his golf swing. I told him I had this new version of the simple and perfect golf swing that I would like to show him. So we met on Tuesday. He is a little ADHD and I barely got the grip out of my mouth and he had it and was swinging at the ball. For the very first time, I saw him hit a long, straight drive. He call me a genius. He hit two more like it and he called me a genius again.

I asked him if he would like to learn more. He said yes and I took the balls away from him. and I taught him the grip, most of it this time, the new stance, feet locations and started to tell him more about the complete stance but he was not listening any more. So I figured he could use what I taught him and he could watch the DVD I brought along and learn whatever he wanted to from that point. As far as he was concerned, he had the perfect golf swing right now and he was hitting the ball like never before.

I want to add this part. I explained to him that I was using this new golf swing myself and found it to be the best I have tried and I have tried a lot of different tutorials and he said, “Why, you have a great golf swing already”. Isn’t he a wonderful person. I must admit, my golf swing is very good but I had issues with it until now. Using this new perfect golf swing and swinging the driver at about at 75 to 80% of my fastest golf swing, I am hitting the ball longer then then I have since I started playing again four years ago.

I am still having trouble with my short irons but I am clubbing down and that helps. This is the perfect golf swing for me and it appears for my Thursday golf partner.

The perfect golf swing on Wednesday with my wife

On Wednesday my wife and I decided to go golfing and try out the perfect golf swing. I decided I was going to keep score and play all balls like I would if I were playing in the league. I was quite pleased with the results. The greens were much faster than the greens from my league golf course and I did not adjust fast enough. As a result I three putted the first 4 greens.
My perfect golf swing was working perfectly except for one drive that I over swung and pushed it way right. I was able to come back but I bogied that hole also. Anyway the final scroe for the round was a 43, which easily could have been a 39 or 40. So to say I was pleased with my round would be an understatement.
I am in mid season form and the leagues are just starting as is the season. I am expecting very good things from my new perfect golf swing. Like many things, the short game is going to take time to become good. With chipping and putting getting better the scores should come down. I hope that my average will be around 40 during the season.
The perfect golf swing makes all of this possible. If I can remember to not over swing and only play within my limits then I will be a good golfer for the first time in almost 20 years. I know that you have never been a good golfer and would love to become one but there are many things you must do to become a good or even a decent golfer. One is to get a simple and easy golf swing that is a perfect golf swing for you and second to practice by playing more golf.
Next week I will information about my new golf swing but in the meantime you should get the Simple Golf Swing as it will help you become a better golfer within a very few weeks. This will also sign you up for my Newsletter for more information then I give you in the perfect golf swing blog.
Thanks and see ya next week.
Lou M.
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