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Practicing The Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing

Practice the perfect golf swing

Getting a chance to golf over the past two days it was good to practice with my perfect golf swing. On Tuesday the weather was really nice. It was about 54 degrees and the sun was shining with hardly any wind. The day was great and my wife and I had a good time.

We played seven holes on the nine we were on as there was a foursome of four really old women and they would not let us play through so we got a chance and bypassed them but missed two holes.

For the seven holes I shot four over par while practicing with various shots. Then we went on the back nine and played about five holes to make up for missing the two holes. There I practiced many different shots with my perfect golf swing.

What did I do with the perfect golf swing

Needed to do a couple of things to help the perfect golf swing. I have accumulated some rather unique golf clubs over the years but gave up on them as they were too hard to use when I had the terrible golf swing.

So Tuesday and Wednesday I put them into the overflowing golf bag and did some extra practice to see if I can hit them now and try something else to maximize my golf shots.

Let me explain. I have a pitching wedge that came with the set but bought one off of TV that had more spin on the ball so that I could get the ball closer to the pin and stop right away. Well sometimes that works to my advantage while other times it does not. So I brought out my old pitching wedge and have begun using it as the other one is getting worn out.

I have also begun practicing with nine, eight and seven irons while pitching to get closer to the pin.

I also bought a 52 wedge with an offset hosel that always made me feel uncomfortable using it but I got it out and used it about four times. It worked just fine and I think I will keep it in my bag for special chips and maybe sand shots close to the green. The perfect golf swing is working really nicely but I cannot get consistency out of my chips and some pitches.

What else did I do to help my perfect golf swing

There were some other clubs I used to see if I could use them with my perfect golf swing. At one point in time I bought another club to use for drives or fairway shots. It was the experimental hybrid of it’s time. It had a rather large club head with a convex face with grooves only covering about 50% of the face in the middle.

I used to hit that club great and it was equivalent to my three iron at the day which would go about 215 yards. I put it in my bag but forgot about it until I spotted it on the nineteenth hole on Wednesday.

I pulled it out and used it. Well, I guess I got the face lined up incorrectly and I pushed it to the right. I did not try it again but I will try it again on another day. I always liked that club. A great fairway club and long par three club. It will be a great addition with my perfect golf swing.

What else did I try with my perfect golf swing

I tried one other club which I have always hated using but with the perfect golf swing it may be ok. That is the dreaded LOB wedge. I tried it once in the rough and once in the sand trap and it worked ok both times but man I sure don’t like that club.

With my perfect golf swing I thought it would also be good to try my trusty old driving iron. That is the one iron for you younger golfers. I am not sure they even make them anymore. Heck it is almost impossible to get a iron set with a two iron let alone a one iron.

So I used it once and my cart partner tried it once and we both mishit the ball. I pushed mine to the right and he caught the grass early and bounced the club off of the turf and hit it short.

I did a lot of practicing and Wednesday was a great day with temps in the 70’s but the wind was howling at 20 to 30 mph. Just a bad day to play for score so I just used it to experiment with these clubs and try some other shots to help my perfect golf swing.

What did I experiment with my perfect golf swing

Over the weekend I was watching the golf channel off and on and saw them with one of the early losers on the latest “big break” about their perfect golf swing. He was talking about hitting into the ball to ensure that the hit was made with full contact to maximize his distance.

I watched to see what he was doing and decided I would try his method. On Tuesday I played the last two holes with just my irons to practice this get at it golf swing. The balls seemed to go further and straighter.

I hit a seven iron well over 160 yards and took a divot large enough to use as a wig. I did the same with a six iron and hit the ball about 170 yards and the same type of divot. WOW!!!

So I did it some more with 3 iron and six iron and did pretty much the same. So as it was so windy on Wednesday, I tried many of those types of shots. So, because I was well short but it was into the wind I was able to practice more chips.

I have told you this many times but it is worth repeating. I hate playing in the wind but who could pass up a 75 degree day to play golf. So instead of shooting for score I just practice shots I don’t use very much. I used my 5 hybrid to get out of a fairway trap and to use for an approach shot on a big dogleg and did the same that was to go after the ball with the club.

I am not sure what has happened. For many months I have changed my writing style to get a better ranking with Google to get more readers to my blog but right around the end of September or early October, my site has stopped ranking in Google and my new readers have dropped significantly.

So I am experimenting with other things to try and get my rankings back but maybe you, my loyal readers can tell your friends about my blog and how much you enjoy the blog and my stories.

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See ya next week after the weekend.


Lou M.

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