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Practicing My Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing

How to practice my perfect golf swing

Even though my perfect golf swing is perfect, I am still having problems recreating that swing consistently. I still have a tendency to try and hit the ball further and I will over swing which will create any number of issues.

I know what I am suppose to do but I start relaxing and enjoying my round and I don’t do all the things I am suppose to do and I get in trouble. For an example. I am suppose to have a 3/4 golf back swing and I end up with a 2/3rds of more and my elbow flies out and I pull the ball into the woods.

I know what I am suppose to do but I get lazy. Take for example my round on Thursday. I parred the first six holes and the guys were hotting and howling about my round. We started telling stories and  I had to laugh a couple of times and started thinking about stories from my experiences and laughed to myself. Forgetting all about golf.

What do you think happened? I topped the ball on the tee and hit a drive about 30 yards. My next shot was hard as I was in really long grass, so all I could do was to try and get to the fairway. The end result was a double bogie. I was thinking about what went wrong and the guys in front of us had lost a ball in the woods and took a little extra time.

I like to tee off first and my ball was teed up, I was ready but I couldn’t do anything except swing the club and tell mire stories. So my head was full of all sorts of things and I pulled the ball left into the woods. Chipped out into the fairway and pulled my approach shot into the sand trap. Another double bogie!

Well we are at the ninth hole and I was not going to hit it left so I opened my driver up a little to much and pushed one right. Not into trouble but not very long either. I pitched onto the green but long and the pin was up front and three putted for a five. That was five over on the last three holes for a 41 with my perfect golf swing.

What else could go wrong even with my perfect golf swing

We stop at the club house and get some nourishment for my perfect golf swing. The foursome in front did not stop and out five some did. We were pushing the foursome the whole round with our group of five. I cleared my head with some Gatorade and hot dog.

So we tee off and I hit a pretty good drive. I pitched onto the green and it was long again. Three putts later I am in with another bogie five.

The round goes like that with some great shots and some ordinary shots and I end up with a 44 for the second nine. Another 85 that should have been better. I did try that no-back swing swing and found it helped a little but I was self conscience about using it.

After I had put my post on the blog a couple of days ago, I went and found some comments about the no-back swing swing and the common thread was that people felt self conscience about using it and were laughed at so they had not used it to where it would help. So I went looking for videos that had more things about the no-back swing swing and I have a couple of them posted on this blog.

I think you will enjoy these versions of the no-back swing swing. So enjoy;

And here is a commercial using the no-back swing golf swing;

My biggest problem on the back nine was putting and the wind. Missing the greens due to the windy conditions and then three putting or not getting close on my chip was the big problems I had Thursday’s back nine. I just have to learn how to deal with these issues. So it was fun though and we had a good time even without scoring that well.

My perfect golf swing is really good and I am having a good time. I am playing better then I could have imagined. This time last year I was shooting mid to high 40’s or low to mid 90’s so to see the drastic improvement with a brand new golf swing is really fun. I have completely changed my golf swing and I feel I have the perfect golf swing for me.

If you like what I have done and feel like you would like to change your swing then please go to my web page to get on my mailing list for my newsletter and get access to the Symple Golf Swing. I have to tell you that it has changed my life completely. I almost feel like I can make any shot I want to on the golf course. I am not scoring as good as I would like but I am making the shots I want to with minor glitches.

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Thanks and see ya next week,

Lou M.

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