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Golf Swing Tips – How TaylorMade Got to Number 1

Golf Swing Tips – Taylor Made is Number 1

Every where you look nowadays all you see is TaylorMade. They now have 47% of todays market so for today’s Golf Swing Tips this article is going to tell you how they did it.

They went from a second or third tier company to number one in five short years and even outsold their highest expectations by a mile. So to find out how they did it please click on the link below and go to the article.

How TaylorMade Gambled and Won

Five years ago, the two heavyweight contenders among golf-club makers were Callaway, ELY +0.29% still selling its famed Big Bertha drivers, and its Carlsbad, Calif., neighbor TaylorMade, pioneering moveable-weight technology. Yes, other companies were in the fight, each with its own strengths. Ping made great woods and irons; Cleveland was known for its wedges. Titleist and Mizuno 8022.TO -0.72% catered to elite amateurs, while Cobra specialized in clubs for the common man. Nike NKE -0.16% had Tiger Woods. But overall, and especially in the all-important category of drivers, which players replace more often than other clubs and which have the highest price tags, the rivals from Carlsbad were way out in front….More at RealClearSports – How TaylorMade Gambled – And Won

This article shows you how good marketing can help pull your companies status up from an after thought to the first thought. There are many companies like that and we have many examples of that as a result of cheap advertising on then cable tv channels. We have a law firm that went from a family run business to a large firm with over 20 lawyers. Another golf swing tips for you marketers out there.

Look at what Toyota has done over the last 20 years. They have gone from an after thought or even considered a joke to a number four on the list of sales among all car companies. So you can see how important marketing is for ones business.

TaylorMade Videos

Next are a couple of videos about TaylorMade. The first is from 2011 but is relevant because it gives you a hint about the CEO who is the person most responsible for the climb by Taylormade.

So I hope you will enjoy as he presents the R11 to a crowd of reps from companies selling their brands.

Second TaylorMade Video

This video us strictly about the yellow hat and trying a bucket of balls with the new Rocketbladez irons. There were other video that compares TaylorMade’s R1 verses Stage 2 irons and Rocketbladez irons against Ping irons and R1 irons from TaylorMade but I have not included those. It appears in all of the videos I have seen online that TaylorMade has made some adjustments to their clubs to make them fly further.

By adjustments I mean it’s 7 irons loft is closer to a normal 6 iron then to a normal 7 iron. By doing that it gets more distance out of clubs that have comparable iron numbers. So I guess if you take their challenge I would hit your old 6 iron against the new RocketBladez 7 iron. There was another video that compared a R1 iron to a i20 Ping iron and outdistanced the Ping by 16 yards.

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