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Learning How to Swing In Golf is Most Important

Learning how to swing in golf is the most important thing you can strive for when trying to attain the perfect golf swing.

In the last post, I told you that I was having troubles with my irons and that I had to close the face of the club to get the ball to go straight. Well, it just so happens that this day I got an email from Paul Wilson of Revolution Golf about the location of the club at the top of your back swing.

The position of your club is directly in relation to where you hit the ball.

He described the weak and strong grips and how the golf swing and grip will determine where you hit the ball.

To explain it very briefly, your grip should be neutral. That is with two knuckles showing on the left hand and the thumb at one o’clock and the right hand thumb at eleven o’clock and the fingers of your right hand loose and lightly touching the club.

When you get to the top of your back swing and the club is parallel to the ground, the leading edge of your club must be parallel to the fore arm of your left arm. This will determine where the face of the club is in relation to the ball at impact.

So, my closing the club face at address is only adding another error to my swing to compensate for a previous error in my golf swing.

I am going to look at the position of the club at the top of my back swing to determine if that is the error or if I am sliding forward on my forward swing and leaving my body open at impact. I will go back through the lessons on the golf swing to see where or if I have gone wrong there some place.

I really think I am sliding more than having an open grip. Why do I say that? Because I can feel my body moving when I swing the club for the irons to try and get more distance out of them. I can sometimes feel my head go back and my right shoulder dip down. That is not every time but every now and then I can feel it. So I am thinking that may be the issue and that would leave the club face wide open when I make contact.

It is still raining and will probably rain until the weekend, so I will not be able to get out and play or even go to the driving range. I can practice the back swing and forward swing in my office as I have a mirror there to watch where my club is at during the slow-motion swings I am suppose to practice.

To have this issue and then have Paul Wilson send out an email with video about this problem must be Karma. So, I will try to correct whatever is the issue of how to swing in golf and let you know which one it is. I will probably send out a post on Friday to make up for missing a post on Tuesday, so I will see ya then when we can talk more about the perfect golf swing.

Lou M.

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