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How to Swing in Golf With The Perfect Gift

How to swing in golfhow to swing in golf with the perfect gift this holiday season.

This is the time of year that the giving spirit is alive and well.

You can only hope that your family appreciates the amount of time you’ve spent on the golf course this past season that has helped make you a better golfer. And if they do, then they will provide you with the perfect gift this holiday season.

But we both know that they are not quite as savvy as you or I and they will only disappoint you with the gift they think you want or need. Only they will miss by a mile.

So, what is a person to do? Tell them you want a give certificate at your favorite golf store so you can get the golf merchandise you want. That’s what I have done for all the people that I think want to get me a present.

Now that we have that taken care of, what is that perfect present you want. Do you even know? A new driver? Or how about a new hybrid? Or what about new wedges? To many needs and not enough money.

Which one of those gifts would really help you score better? It is probably the one you have not even thought of yet and that would be the “belly” putter.

That’s right, this is the gift that will help you get a better average with your golf scores. That’s right, this is the perfect gift for the person that wants to learn how to swing in golf to get better on the golf course with better golf scores.

This is the one item that the pro golfers find that will help shave strokes off of their scores. It has been said that a belly putter will shave 3 to 4 strokes off of their scores, so imagine what it would do for you?

Here is the plan. You can buy this belly putter for your self either right now and maybe they will put it in layaway for you until you get those gift certificates or you can buy and have them give you cash for a gift. Or you can wait until you get the certificates and then wait for the mid winter sale and get the putter.

By doing this you will have the rest of the winter to practice with this new putter in your living room or dining room or both as in my case to learn how to swing in golf with that belly putter. That way you will have it perfected by the time the new golf season begins.

To help you with your putting stroke, I have enlisted the help of a teaching golf pro to provide lessons for you. His name is Shawn Clement. He is rated as the #1 most popular golf teacher on YouTube. He has over 220 videos on YouTube and I have included one of his about putting right here.

Putting by Shawn Clement click here

I hope you have enjoyed this video and in the event you have purchased or plan to purchase a belly putter, you will be better if you just practice what he has given us. If you can practice twice a week for about a half hour each time, you will be a great putter when the season starts.

There are all kinds of ways to practice.

Heck if you put six balls in a circle around a plastic glass and practice from three feet then six feet and then 10 feet until you have hit the plastic glass from each of those ranges with all six balls you will be a great putter. But the thing I found most helpful was to practice your lag putts.

By practicing my lag puts to get within three feet of the hole, I was able to keep from three putting during each round. So, after you have mastered the three, six, ten foot putts go to lag putts and practice 20, 25 ,30 and 40 foot putts if you have the room or just the longest putt you can in your available space.

When the season starts, you will have a great stroke and I can just about guarantee 5 strokes off your score for each nine holes you play. You can still be a hack but you will be a great putting hack and your score will show it.

But if you really want to get better between now and April then either watch all of Shawn’s videos and then practice what he shows you or get the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt and practice these golf swing tips. When the season rolls around, you will be a different golfer. You will have learned how to swing in golf to have the perfect golf swing.

You can’t get any better then that. You will not be a hack any more. Can you imagine? Well don’t imagine, just act. Shawn cost you nothing and David will but it is the best possible way to stop being a hack. Use one for putting and chipping and the other for the golf swing and get the belly putter to be even better at putting.

See ya next week about the same time to learn how to swing in golf for the perfect golf swing.

Lou M.

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