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How to Swing in Golf Like a Pro Golfer

How to swing in golfHow to swing in golf like a pro golfer is what this post is all about.

But before we get to that I want to wish you a happy New Year and I hope your holidays were as great  as mine. I had an excellent holiday season and can’t wait for the new golf season to begin. Also, I hope you like my new blog look. It is something I wanted to do as there were some complaints that there was too much green and it was hard to read. So change is good, that is what this blog is all about anyway where we can discover how to swing in golf like a pro.

How to Swing in Golf Like a Pro

By the way, you will notice there are two signups which occurred when I changed over and I haven’t been able to get rid of one so just disregard the second one and just use the first one. So on with the blog post.

I was watching the golf channel the other night and I suddenly realized that there  is a common theme among the golf pros. Up until now I thought that all of them did their golf swing differently and that there was nothing common about what they do that I could help you with your attempt to learn how to swing in golf to attain your perfect your golf swing until now.

This is how to swing in golf with visualization

They all visualize their flight of the ball. Well they actually do more than just that.

Here is what I mean. They practice their golf swing until it feels right to them, then they get behind the ball and look for a spot in the fairway or golf course that they want their ball to land or go towards. At that point in time they see their golf swing and watch the flight of the ball until it lands.  This is done without ever hitting the ball. This is how to swing in golf using visualization.

With the visualization over they then go to the ball and address it with their club. They then waggle the club to make sure that they have the right grip and relieve pressure and then look once to see if they are aligned properly and then finally they proceed with their swing.

How to swing in golf takes time

This process takes about a minute to two to do and they don’t clutter their mind with parts of their golf swing. Does that resemble anything that you do? Probably not! I know I don’t do any of that except maybe waggle my club. This does help me loosen my grip and release pressure for the proper grip to start with.

For me and probably you, we are lucky if we pick out a place in the golf course for our ball to land. Probably the only time we do that is on a par three but many times we forget to line up properly.

How to swing in golf at the beginning

So lets start at the beginning. This you must promise to do whenever you get ready to hit the ball to learn how to swing in golf to get your perfect golf swing.

First, get behind the ball and look for a place that you want the ball to go to. You can stand there and practice your golf swing while looking at the spot you want to go to. Then look back down to your ball and see if there is anything just in front of your ball that will give you a line to where you want to go. What I am going to do is put a piece of grass or leaf or debris that is around and line it up with my ball and the location I want to ball to land.

How to swing in golf without cheating

Is that cheating? I don’t know about that but I am trying to learn how to play the game and will take my chances that it is not against the rules. Plus we usually play winter rules all year which allow us to move our ball to a better lie. So we could  move the ball a few inches to align the path.

Next we want to practice having a waggle in our address to our ball. We want to feel that the grip is not to tight and on a scale of 1 to ten we want a 2 to 3 grip. Fairly loose.

Use rhythm to discover how to swing in golf

Then we want to get the rhythm properly and use a one-two for the back swing and then one-two for the forward swing not to the ball but to your left shoulder. Actually that would be good to practice that every time you swing the club, Get that rhythm right all the time.

Then as you get to the two on your forward swing you can look for the ball on the path that you sent it on. I have to read this again to make sure I got everything.

OK, I like it. This is something you can do in

your garage over the winter and for you lucky ones that have good golf weather right now you can practice this before every shot. Address the ball, waggle your club two or three times then one two on the back swing and then one two on the forward swing. This is how to swing in golf with each practice swing.

Use Visualization on how to swing in golf

For each golf swing you use to hit the ball, look for your location to land the ball and if you can visualize the flight of the ball great, do that and then align your ball with the club face and waggle the club and swing through the ball to the top of your forward swing on the follow through.

I have got to tell you that by doing these things you will know how to swing in golf like a pro and get the perfect golf swing for you. I hope you enjoyed this tip as much as I did just by describing it, This will be my new routine while playing golf in the garage.

Well, see ya next week about Wednesday or Friday.

Lou M.

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