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Golf Tips How to Improve Putting

This golf tips suggestion is from my favorite guy in golf Mr. Ralph Maltby. He is the most technical in the game of golf and if you want to know anything about data, technical info, shafts, grips, golf balls, etc.

Today’s golf tips is about how to become a better putter. In this article he talks about proper putter length, loft, lie, swing weight and moment of inertia. All very important but even more so when you are being fit by a professional putter fitter.

Please read his article.

How to Improve Your Putting

Putting is part art and part science. The hours of practice and actually playinThere areg develop the art portion of feel for distance, proper break and directional control. Many players rely solely on the learned skill or art part of putting and ignore the equipment or science part because they are unaware of its importance. Keep in mind that you want every variable possible removed from your putter that can unduly influence putting distance and directional control. The following explains the 5 areas of putter specifications that can and will dramatically improve your putting using science and technology coupled with the proper fitting skills… From Ralph Maltby dot com

There are obviously more articles to his web site so I would spend time going through them as he talks about science and art for the game of golf. He has a lot of videos in his library and they are also on YouTube. Like this one I am giving you right now. This is the art of putting by Ralph.

There are a lot more to Ralph Maltby and his approach to the art and science of golf. The next golf tips post I am going to provide is his checking of a golf ball to determine if it rolls straight. Pretty neat stuff.

From Lou M.
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