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Golf Swing at Phoenix with Phil Mickelson

Golf Swing at Phoenix

As we all know, last week in Phoenix, Phil Mickleson was virtually unbeatable. He attributed a great deal of success to his new Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme driver but when you listen to the video in this article you will hear from the experts at Callaway that a lot of work went into fitting this club to Phil.

This was a great win for Callaway and I am sure there was a huge jump in sales last week. Although it did not have the same type of round in California that he had in Phoenix. Time will tell.

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Callaway Mens RAZR Fit Xtreme Drivers

Mickelson is loved for his relatively gregarious persona with the fans and friendly rapport with the press, groups that seemed to feel the pain on Thursday after he came tantalizingly close to breaking 60. This was not the car crash collapse at a major, but rather an organic moment Phil created at a relatively inconsequential Thursday during one of the Tour’s regular stops. The news of Mickelson’s march toward 59 (or perhaps, 58) spread quickly Thursday afternoon, forcing Golf Channel to come on the air early and do their broadcast on the fly. But as is often the case with Mickelson, the frenzy he whipped up climaxed with an unbelievable finish for all the wrong reasons….More at Phil Mickelson ‘crushed’ by near-miss round of 60 at Waste


After reading the article and viewing the video you can see that just picking up the club and using it last week was not the case. Callaway Engineers have spent many months working with Phil to get that driver tuned to his exact specifications and his irons golf swing. Which also explains why he did so well with his irons during the Phoenix tournament.

Golf Swing Video with Phil

The driver was set up to work with his iron swing. Next will be an interview with Phil.

The following is a video from an interview they did with Phil right after the first round on Thursday at Phoenix. Phil Mickelson describing how good the new Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme is after just shooting a course tying record -11 in the first round of the 2013 Waste Management Open at TPC Scottsdale in Arizona.

It was a spectacular week for both Phil and Callaway and sports fans in general. Next to Tiger Phil is the most popular player on the PGAtour.

A lot of people were trying to figure out which Callaway driver was being used, so now you know.

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