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My New Adams Fast 12 Driver is Great

Like I told you after Christmas, I got my new Adams Fast 12 driver and 3 metal to help my perfect golf swing. Now is your time to get the perfect golf swing and just click here before you begin reading my post.

Here is a video review about the Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driving club;


The weather has finally broke and it is 54 degrees today. I went to the driving range today for the very first time. I wanted to hit the balls outdoors so that I could see the flights of the balls. But to my bad luck the vending machine would not take dollar bills of any denomination. There was about four guys there and I asked how they got balls and they told me they used their credit cards.

Well, I said to my self screw that, I’ll go to the dome.

The dome charges by the half hour so I paid my money and began wailing away. I actually took it easy by doing some stretching and easy no ball hit swings. A couple of the early swings were very slow. Just to get the actual process of the swing. Then I finally after about five minutes of doing all of that stuff began hitting balls.

Easy at first and really easy all the way through. I was hitting some great shots and almost every drive was within 10 feet of where I was aiming when it hit the back of the dome which is about 100 yards.

My first two shots with my three metal were not great but I adjusted and then every shot after that was evenly spaced closer then the 10 feet I was hitting with the driver. I think I am going to love these two clubs. I probably only hit balls for about 20 minutes but I was banging away and was getting tired. Besides I found out what I wanted to find out and it was true, I could hit these clubs like I did at the store.

Most importantly though was that I hit the golf balls well with nice controlled golf swings that allowed me to swing the perfect golf swing. When I was walking away from my tee box I could see all of the guys looking at me to figure out who this guy was that was killing the ball so well. I must admit I do have a nicely grooved golf swing.

The balls were tracking well, the noise off of the club was distinct and my follow through was very calm and clean. All in all, I really did have the perfect golf swing. I would guestimate I was hitting drives in the 240 to 260 range. My three metal seemed to go very close to the 230 to 250 range but it is hard to tell any closer than that when the ball goes about 100 yards and hits the wall of the dome.

I was very pleased and I think I have a solution for hitting balls in my garage. I have an old blanket I found while I was putting away my Christmas outdoor lights. I know it will be heavy enough for the wiffle balls so that I can groove my swing for the beginning of the season. But I have my patio furniture in the garage also so the room is small. I can take the car out of the garage and string the blanket across the garage door while it is closed and hit that way.

I will be hitting wiffle balls almost exclusively as I do not want to wear out my clubs before the season starts. I could swing at nothing but it would almost seem pointless. So I want to have a target to aim for and work on my swing that way. I also want to work on the location of the ball on the face of the club to ensure I am close to the sweet spot for the clubs.

I have two methods of doing that. The first is to use the paper sheets on the face of the club to see where the impact mark is located. The second is to use erasable magic markers to color the ball where it will be struck and to see where the impact point markĀ  is on the face and then just use a paper towel to erase the mark and do it over and over until I become repeatable with my impact placement.

Then when the impact point is repeatable I will put a straight line on the top of the club for a visual for lining up the club with the ball. Man, I am a genius!

Opps, I just remembered, I need a sand wedge and I need to cut down one of my putters and put a new golf grip on it for my new putting stroke.

I am extremely happy with my golf swing. I am using a three quarters back swing to control the club. I think with a full swing I should be able to hit balls in the 260 or 270 range but heck, if I can hit 240 or 250 all the time right down the middle why do I need any more than that.

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See ya soon with another post.

Yours Truly,

Lou Martiniano
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