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Golf Swing Tips Watch LPGA For Good Golf Swing

On Sunday, I happened to be doing things on the computer and went to find some golf swing tips on the golf channel. They were broadcasting the LPGA tournament from Phoenix, Arizona. I like to watch the women for many reasons but the most important is that they have the great fluid swings like Freddie Couples and swing like we should be swinging.

There is no way I am going to play like Tiger or Phil or any of the other PGA pros. The women hit shots I can relate to. They hit a wedge from 105 yards. They hit a seven iron from 150 yards and so on. And like I said they have great fluid golf swings.

The tournament took on added attraction when the leader made a slight error like we all do and pulled just slightly a wedge to the green at the 16th hole. It is a short par 4 of 307 and she was sitting in the middle of the fairway about 40 yards out. The pin was located on the left side and she missed it with a slight pull or the angle was off slightly and ended up going down into the desert scrub with an unplayable lie.

You’ll read that it was a terrible shot but in reality it was a typical miss at a difficult pin placement and the hole will not reward a missed shot. She ended up with a double bogie 6 and the eventual winner, Stacey Lewis got her third birdie in four holes and seventh birdie for the round for a three shot swing. The leader went from one up to two down.

Stacey birdie the 17th and parred the 18th for a three stroke win.

It was exciting and fun to watch and like I said it is a good way to see how you should perform the golf swing. Oh and Ms Lewis became the number one female golfer in the world with the victory. Good Stuff!

The eventual winner Stacey Lewis towers over her opponent at 5’5″ over the second place Ai Miyazato at 5’2″ and maybe 100 pounds. They were hitting drives at 250 to 260 range and unlike the men they were hitting straight shots. By that I mean you could see their balls going on a trajectory that would put their shot right at the location we would like.

I didn’t say that very good. Look, when I hit a golf ball it either goes straight or maybe a slight slice. So if I am aiming for the green it goes to the green or slightly right of the green. When I watch the men pros hit their balls, they all seem to go to the right from the start and then end up on the green. That is because they all like to draw the ball for added distance even on a wedge shot. So it is hard to see that they are aiming at the green when they hit their shots as it looks like they are going right on every shot.

But watching the women yesterday, you could see that their golf balls were headed for the green or even with their drives the shots were headed for the fairway. So in that regard it was even more fun watching the women hit their golf balls like we do.

I did not realize that these women were so small but they can and do out drive me and I would say almost all the guys I know.

Anyway, for your golf swing tips of the day, if you want to copy a golf swing, don’t try to copy Tiger or Phil or Luke or even Freddie, but take a look at the LPGA professionals for great golf swings that are similar to what we want in distance and accuracy.

From Lou M.
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