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Golf Swing Tips For Everyone


Golf swing tips for everyone

Golf swing tips are what makes the average hack golfer into a half way decent golfer in a period of time. The time can be a month, a season, two seasons or even longer. Many if not most golfers never achieve stardom with their golfing companions as they have a variety of excuses.

This article is like many articles and wants to help you learn how to become a better golfer. That is exactly what I am doing here. I spend day after day trying to find good articles and entertaining videos to help you get to be a better golfer.

My drive to make me a better golfer is not over but I am on the downhill slide. I am in the top 5% of golfers that play golf during the summer season. I cannot play all year round and if I could I would be better yet. So for a part time golfer I am really good.

Time to read the article and enjoy what it has for you with these golf swing tips.

Many people are under the impression that they can walk up to a golf ball and swing with a club. They later find out that hitting the ball off the tee requires discipline, skill, and training. It will also take time for one to develop a swing that is ideal for their playing style.

Many players spend an enormous amount of money on golf swing training aids, golf swing analyzers, and private instruction. Some players have been able to improve their swing by participating in discount golf games. Let’s take a close look at five tips for improving your golf swing.

Golf Swing Basics…More at 5 tips for improving your golf swing – Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

I have two videos from the same person and I like the way he puts together the take away and the back swing. It is easy to understand and should rid you of any confusion,

Here he is going to go through all the check points in a technically correct golf swing.

The first check point after address is the take away position. The first position we are going to make is when the butt end of the club is opposite your right thigh. The correct way to move into this position is by moving the club, hands, arms and body – particularly the shoulders – away in unison. To get to that point we should avoid having the arms move independently of the body but rather have everything moves away together.

This Second video is a continuation of the back swing

This is a position where a lot of good golfers will check their golf swing plane. A way to check the swing plane is to grab a couple of clubs and put them along the ball target line and when you get into this position the end of the club should be pointing at the clubs on the ground-that shows you that you are on plane.

I hope you have enjoyed the golf swing tips videos. If you like this guy he has more videos for you to watch. Just go to his web site or get the videos from YouTube.

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