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The Perfect Golf Swing a New Era

The Perfect Golf Swing

Starting  a new era with the perfect golf swing

A very eventful week using my perfect golf swing. It is a new era for my perfect golf swing. I played three rounds of nine hole golf on three different golf courses and the results were about the same for each course. Very Good!

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I have come to the conclusion that my new perfect golf swing will do me well but I must use a swing the is about 60 to 70% of full. I scored three rounds in the low 40’s for the beginning of the season and had at least one bad hole where I forgot about my 70% golf swing and try to impress my fellow golfers or even myself with a full swing where I might hit a 260 yard drive. The only thing that happened was I pulled the ball left and into trouble.

Each time I tried to impress, I got a high score of three or four over par. On one round, if I had just a bogie instead of three over par I would have had a 39. That is how good I am playing already. My putts are mid season form already with every round I play I get better. My chip shots are pretty good but not excellent. My irons are accurate but still need adjusting. But my golf swing is the perfect golf swing for most shots.

What needs to be done to fix the bad holes

I need to fix the bad hole itis. What can my perfect golf swing do to help me with the bad golf score holes?

Right now with the perfect golf swing at 60% to 70%, I am usually in the fairway. Every now and then I push one to the right edge or right rough  near the fairway but still in play. It is fun and I am about 145 to 165 yards out from the hole. This is a distance I know what to do with but it is not what I would like to do. But what the heck the results are pretty good.

When I started playing after a 12 year hiatus, I was hitting an eight iron about 155 yards. My seven iron was 165 to 170, and so on. As I started this transition to find the perfect golf swing, my distances have dropped significantly. I now hit the eight iron about 130 yards and I now use a six iron to hit about 150 yards. Yesterday I used my six iron to hit shot at 145 and was still about five to seven yards shy of where I wanted to be. I was on the green in regulation and two putted for my par, so I guess until I get my perfect golf swing grooved I will use the 60% perfect golf swing and get my great golf scores.

Hitting the perfect golf swing metal woods

The driver is the one thing that the perfect golf swing still needs work on. Here are my issues. Number one is that I hit the driver very high and only about 230 yards using the 60% to 70% golf swing. I guess that is pretty good but I would like to hit further. I also am not very accurate. I try to use the same swing but I don’t hit where I think I am aiming. Sometimes the ball will draw, sometimes it will fade but most of the time it will go straight.

I guess I should not complain because our opponents asked me if I don’t get bored hitting the same old perfect golf shot every time. That is about the best compliment you can get. And my golf partner thinks I already have the perfect golf swing so why am I monkeying with it.

Considering I have only played five rounds of golf with a total of 45 holes played, I guess I am doing pretty good. I am in mid season form already and should only get better. Yesterday, I parred four holes, had three bogies, one double bogie and one double par eight for a total of 45. I had one three put on a par three for a bogie and one one putt for a bogie. So my total putts were 18 of the 45. The other two bogies were chips that were short of the desired distance and then I two putted.

So, if I would have had three less putts, I would have had a 42. Pretty good. And if I would have had a bogie on the eight I would have had a 39, even better. And so it goes. I know how and why I did what I did, so how do I fix it. That is what you need to do to better your scores. See what the major problems are, fix them and then the golf scores will get better. I started this out with a need to fix me metal woods. I still have a tendency to try and hit the ball hard or fast with the metal woods.

I must admit, I did hit a good three metal on the last hole. A par five about 510 yards. A nice drive about 240 yards and the three metal I hit about 240 yards also. There I was sitting right near the green in two with an easy approach shot. A nice easy chip with a one putt would have given me a birdie four. The chip distance was just about perfect but the direction was off and I had a side hill putt of about 12 feet. I didn’t play enough break and missed low but got the second putt for the par. There was the come back tomorrow hole and the drives were hit at about 80% and were pulled slightly left but still in play.

So you see, I can hit the longer drives but they still are not the perfect golf swing as I pulled them right. I aimed to the middle of the course but my balls hit were on the far left of the fairway. It is a very wide fairway and on a narrow course I would be in trouble. So, I still need to work on the perfect golf swing at higher golf swing speeds.

Next week I am playing in an outing on Monday and we tee off at 10:00 am with a shot gun start. I plan on playing in my league after but I am going to miss a steak dinner and maybe a prize drawing by leaving early. It is best ball and they are looking for my perfect golf swing to help them score. They have a big driver so I don’t have to concern myself with that burden.

So see ya next week. I think I will post more articles during the week. Maybe two to start with. I have two much info and not enough time. This one is over 1100 words already. Also don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and get the first chapter of the Simple Golf Swing.

Thanks for reading,

Lou M.

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