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The Perfect Golf Swing is Almost

Wow, The perfect golf swing is almost here. Actually, I do have the perfect golf swing but sometimes I revert.

I want to apologize for being a day late but we had a storm go through that lasted about 10 minutes but created havoc all over the place and we lost power. It took them almost 36 hours to restore our power, so it was too late last night to write this post.

So back to my post.

By that I mean, I try to hit the ball hard and it costs me.

The key is to hit the ball with good golf swing speed and I am finally learning that. My golf scores are starting to go down as I am practicing the things that will help that.

About three times a week I go onto my patio and use a rug sample I got from somewhere and hit 15 to 20 golf balls each with my sand wedge, pitching wedge, 9 iron, 8 iron and 7 iron. These are all chip shots with a swing that will allow me to hit the balls in the air about 6 of my paces.

That is very good but it is not the same as chipping onto the green. I need to go to the putting green or chipping green to practice how far the ball will travel after landing and what I need to do for a green that is up hill or down hill.

I have got the swing grooved but I don’t use it as much as I am hitting the greens or very close to the greens. Another shot I am practicing is a sand wedge of 20 and 30 paces. I think my stride for a pace is about 2.5 feet. That is really not important but the actual swing to hit it to those distances is the important part.

The practice swing I use for the chip shots is equivalent to putting a 30 foot putt. The shoulders are used exclusively with no body movement. So I hit that 6 pace shot consistently whether I use a sand wedge or a 7 iron or a 9 iron. What I don’t know is how much roll is taken off with the spin I put onto the ball.

By the way, I play the ball off of the toe of my back foot. In my case (being right handed) it is the right foot big toe. My left foot is about two inches from my right foot at the heal and it is slightly back in the stance compared to my right foot and pointed left about 30 degrees. Most of my weight (about 70%) is on my back foot.

The club is closed a large amount. I grab the club and hold it out in front of me. I close the club face by turning the club until it is closed at the 10 o’clock position. Then I take the club in my left hand a place it behind the ball with the club square to the ball and the grip is beyond my left thigh.

That puts the sand wedge loft almost equal to a 5 iron.

For the pitch shot of 20 paces, I play the ball about one ball diameter back towards my right foot from being in the center of my stance. I use the same type of back swing distance as the chip shot except I take it back a little further. For the chip I use a back swing of about 10 inches and for the pitch shot I use a back swing of about 25 inches from the address position.

The golf swing is all shoulder rotation and it keeps my shot pretty consistent. For the 30 pace pitch shot it is all the same except I bring the club head back to parallel to the ground. Then I swing through using my shoulders and it will fly about 30 paces.

If I need to hit the ball further then I will bring the club a little further back or swing a little faster on my forward golf swing. These are all finesse golf shots and will get better as you continue to practice.

Now to my score on Monday. Again I play in a league where we alternate partners each week and play a two man scrambles. In this case my partner is normally a good player but he had been on vacation for two weeks and played no golf. And it showed. We played using 80% of the my golf shots. Towards the last two holes he began to contribute but my shots were better.

We birdied number 8 and had a putt for a birdie on 9 but could not make it and got another par for a grand total of 38 on a par 36 course. Two of the three holes we got bogies on where three putt greens. We ended up with 17 putts for a total. Pretty good round almost the perfect golf swing round. My golf swing is getting better but as I am experimenting on occasions my golf scores are not getting that much better. With my Monday league I am shooting in the high 30’s and on Thursday I am shooting in the low to mid 40’s.

So that was the total of my week. I hope your golf swing is getting better and I hope the information I am providing with my golf tips help.

See ya tomorrow.

Lou M.

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