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How To Swing In Golf On a Fall Day

Yesterday was a good fall day and I had to learn how to swing in golf on a fall day.

It appears that there is always a fairly good wind blowing on these fall days. The winds were from still to 20 mph and when they were still I had to shed some of my outer garments. It got to 59 degrees on this early afternoon.

The course was sopping wet from the rains on Sunday and Monday but it was still playable although sometimes you had to move the ball around to get out of the water.

I played well and was only three over after five holes. The second par three, I was a little long and left and I could not find my ball. I heard it plop when it landed so it was in dry land somewhere. There is a pond behind and it looks like they have had equipment over there working on something but I could not find my ball. So I had to play another and ended with a five.

I doubt very much that my ball was in the water but the grass is very long and there is an extended area that was all mud. I did find another ball that was buried. I could only see about an area of a quarter visible and tried to dig it out with my sand wedge but gave up when another group showed up on the tee behind us.

The rest of the round was bogie so I ended with a 44. Respectable and it was enjoyable.

There were a lot of other people out there enjoying the round.

The last hole is a double dog-leg around a boomerang shaped pond that is about 100 yards out and 250 yards right and then it makes another right of about 40 yards. So the golf hole follows the pond. They have five tees and the whites were way up by the ladies tee. I went off the second tee and cut the corner and was safely in the fairway about 240 yards from the green.

So I tried another ball just to see how far I could cut the corner from this tee. I was aiming for the 150 barber pole and hit another drive. I just missed hitting it square and must have got the bottom of the face of the club. I could feel that it was not a solid hit like the first one and sure enough it hit in the water about 10 feet short.

The group in front of us was on the green so I tried to cozy up a three iron. I took four practice golf swings as I could not get down to the grass with the swings. But I finally gave up and took my swing only to top the ball. It rolled up to the 150 yards to the green barber pole and I hit a seven iron into the green and into the wind.

I was just short. I chipped on and two putted for another bogie. So ended a very enjoyable round with my wife playing golf with me.

I mentioned yesterday about belly putters. I was in the dealership yesterday to get my oil changed and have the tires rotated and I was reading a golf magazine while I waited. There was an article about the long shafted putters that are being used by more and more golf pros.

They were speculating on the popularity of the clubs and wondering how wide spread it was going to be. It was stated that they thought it was going to become the norm as many pros are finding new life with these putters as they are taking off three, four or even more strokes on a rounds play. And that is with the Pro Golfers.

Just imagine how it could affect the play of a decent golfer trying to better his or her golf scores. I don’t think it will help the hacks that much as they don’t practice and very few have had any if only a small number of golf lessons.

These putters do take practice which most amateur golfers will not do trying to get to the perfect golf swing. So how to swing in golf by using the belly putters takes a great deal of practice to master the putt. But you should probably buy one now before they get real popular and pricey at the same time. And start practicing on your living room carpet.

I had a friend who took a putter and added another shaft onto the putter with a single plane swing. In other words, he could hold the top shaft and pivot the bottom shaft left and right while keeping it on line. It was great but it could not get approval from the PGA. They deemed it illegal and I don’t remember what they, the PGA, ┬ásaid that made the club illegal.

Well that’s another story. Today, it is going to be less than 50 degrees so it should be interesting on the golf course. Especially since this one does not drain as well as the course I played on yesterday. But I have clothes that I can layer and not affect my golf swing too badly.

It is suppose to be a partly cloudy day and the wind has not blown hard enough to dry up the course, so I expect it to be cart path only or maybe 90 degrees from cart path to ball. I will probably play fairly well as I am still playing two to three times a week even with rains and colder weather.

Hard to believe, it is November 16th and we are still playing golf. If I don’t learn how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing for me then I don’t know when I will do it. Although it is possible I could develop some bad habits with trying to keep warm and over dressing. So I will have to keep tabs of any bad habits I try to use.

So I will see ya tomorrow with more news and maybe golf tips. In the meantime it is still a good time to get the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt and begin practicing. You could have the simple golf swing perfected within three weeks.

Lou M.

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