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The Perfect Golf Swing Has Returned

Perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing returned

I thought that my perfect golf swing would be lost for a long time but it came back and it came back in full force.

I took my time and made the perfect golf swing in control. I hit the balls like they were shot out of a cannon. The shots were straight, accurate and good distance.

I only had one issue. The par threes were missed. I did not land a drive on the par three greens. But I bogied one and parred the other. I should say my partner and I did that in our two man best ball league. As a matter of fact, that was the only bogie we had all round using my perfect golf swing.

How did I score with my perfect golf swing

The round was my best of the year using my new perfect golf swing. My partner and I were able to shoot a 35, one under par. That means for the last four rounds in this league, I have had an average of 36 with four different partners on the two nines played twice each. Pretty good stuff if you ask me.

I must brag a little more about my golf swing. I hit the green on five holes with birdie opportunities. A couple were within 10 feet of the pin but we only converted one. I practice putting in the living room just before golf and was able to putt much better last night. I only made one one putt as did my partner and mine was for a bogie four on the par three and his was for our first birdie.

In our league we must use each others drive a minimum of three times. Even though I had the longer drives on the first two holes we had to use his drives. But, after that we did not use another drive of his until the eighth hole.

I had been out driving him all round and on the eighth hole I told him to keep his head down and hit the ball with control and I would watch where it went. We had a tail wind and he hit the ball well. I lost track of it and thought it may have gone into the fairway trap. So just in case, I hit a drive also.

We found my ball just past the trap but could not find his. We finally found his drive and it was sixty yards down from mine. We were 140 yards from the center of the green. This eighth hole is a short par five but has many obstacles that makes it really tough.

This was by far the longest drive I have ever seen on this hole. Well, like I said we were 140 yards away from the hole so he hit first with a nine iron and hit it right, I used a nine iron also but land on the green and ended up in the middle of the green. The pin was at the back about 25 feet away. Well we two putted for a birdie. Our second birdie of the round. That put us one under par with the ninth hole left. We parred and ended with a 35. The perfect golf swing was working great.

Can you say the same thing with your perfect golf swing.

Now, in my other league, using my perfect golf swing, I have averaged 7 over par for the last five rounds until last Thursday’s round. In that round I had a terrible 10 over par with only two good drives and five three putt greens. I don’t know for sure what happened but I hope it is over.

All of my iron shots have been spectacular and am hitting the greens very close to the pin. I will practice some more to get a better golf swing. I have done a couple of things that has helped me putt better.

The first thing I have done is to get better alignment. I have done this by lining up the ball mark with where I want the putt to go. I have also gotten behind the ball to make sure the alignment is ok and then I practice a couple of swings. Then I go to the ball and line up my club with the alignment and then hit the ball with my grip hit. I am still hitting some a little short but most have been good putts.

Also, with all of my shots I am making sure that my alignment is close to perfect and that the club is square with the ball and my flight path. The result is much better alignment. Some times I hit it short of the target and then I have to chip. Well, I had two chips that were give me putts after it finished. They both ended up within 6 inches of the hole. So I had three one putts, two with great chips and one with a lucky putt of 12 feet.

I was extremely happy with the results, even knowing that I could very well have been a 32 with great putting. We had decent putting today and the perfect golf swing. An excellent combination. We were the low round of the day and I should move up another two or three spots to fourth or third in the league. That is pretty good considering I was in 13th place five weeks ago.

I am extremely happy with my perfect golf swing and to be really sincere, I am swinging the club extremely well even though I am not sure what happened last week for sure. But I am thinking it was a result of trying to kill the ball and get those long drives.

I have used a variety of clubs on my drives over the past five weeks and have been scoring better but last week I think I got stupid. The perfect golf swing will only carry the smart golfer so far but it will not help the stupid one at all.

So be smart and see ya probably on Friday. By the way, please sign up for my newsletter by CLICKING HERE NOW.


Lou M.

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