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Golf, How To Swing The Perfect Golf Swing

This is golf, how to swing the perfect golf swing or maybe not.

The weather was cool, windy and spritzing. That means there was a slight mist falling. It was enough to put my jacket on to try and keep dry. It only lasted for about five holes.

The report is pretty much the same as Monday. I am hitting my tee shots almost perfectly. My golf partner thinks I have the perfect golf swing and wonders whether he will ever have one. He is at the place I was at, three years ago. He gave up the game for 15 years and his neighbor talked him into joining this golf league.

His swing is all off and I have refrained from giving him golf tips until he asks for it. Well today he told me he wants to learn more about how to golf but doesn’t even know how he should grip the club.

I told him I would help but he would have to take it slowly, so as not to confuse himself. So I told him about the golf swing grip that I have learned from Paul Wilson. I also suggested he slow down his back swing.

He tried this for the last two holes but he put three balls in the water on the last hole and said he will go to the range on Monday.

I told him I would go with him as I have some issues of my own.

The last three holes I was one over par but ended the round with a 48. By helping my golf partner and using the “Simple Golf Swing”, I will be able to decide which is the best way to play golf. I will continue to try and master the Paul Wilson method of the golf swing and I will teach my partner how to use the “Simple golf swing”. The best of both worlds.

I know I am trying to hit the ball too hard and am moving up and down and forward and backward and it creates issues with my trying to hit the balls while in the fairway and rough. And my pitching and putting is off.

I spent some time yesterday watching the videos from Paul and now know I need to practice a lot to make these shots work. By mastering the swing, it is possible to hit the perfect golf shot at any distance by adjusting the length of the back swing and the speed of the forward swing.

So that will be my project. To get his golf swing up to something where he can get better scores with and for me to fix those finesse type shots that are creating havoc with my golf scores.

So, have a good weekend and see you next Tuesday.


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