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Golf, How to Swing A Great Golf Swing

Now that’s more like it. This is Golf & How to swing a great golf swing.

I had my B+ golf swing today or maybe even A- but it was a good day.

My partner and I had putts for birdies on six out of nine holes. If you remember, on this Monday night league we play a two man scrambles with new partners every week. We have 32 golfers and we play 15 weeks, so we don’t play with all golfers.

My last couple of posts told of my concerns about how long I hit my irons with my new golf swing. Well last night I clubbed down on all of my shots. Where I used to hit a wedge (110 yards), I now use a nine iron. Where I used to use a nine iron (130 yards) I use an eight iron and so on.

It made quite a difference. We were not putting for easy to make birdies but we did make one and ended the round with a 37. I did have a few bad shots and my wife and I are going out to play today, so I am going to spend my time with the irons and work on getting them better and get nearer to the perfect golf swing.

Even my putting is getting better. I am coming up short on almost every putt but when they stop I am less than a foot away from the cup. I only had one putt that went by the hole and it was about two feet long, which I easily made coming back. All of our birdie puts were in excess of 14 feet except one and it was only five feet which we made. That was a birdie on the number one handicap hole on the course. Loved it!

A new golf tip I learned yesterday. I was going through the PGA rule book and boy is that tough. I don’t know about you but I have not been able to compete while using all of the rules. I know in all of the leagues I have been in, none use the rules to the letter of the law.

Golf is not like bowling. I say that because bowlers follow the PBA rules to the letter and many if not most could compete with the pros in bowling whereas in golf there are only a few pros and 10’s of millions of golfers that could not even compete against a pro without a huge handicap.

But here is one rule that we can use on a daily basis that the pros use. The primary objective of the PGA is to use the same ball to complete a hole that you start with.

So, if you should hit a ball into the woods and are concerned that you will not find it and hit a provisional golf shot, you must still search for the original hit and try to find that ball. If you find that ball you cannot use the provisional ball but must continue using the original.

If the ball is not playable then you follow all of the rules associated with balls not able to be played and move it to a position where you can play it with yardage lost and stroke penalty or play it in a direction that is not towards the hole if you can play it that way. Then you must pick up the provisonal ball and continue to use the original.

So as you see, most leagues allow you to just watch your ball sail out of site into the tries, you try to find it and then put down a new ball if you have not found it after searching for a reasonable amount of time, take a stroke penalty, place the ball near the flight where it went into the woods and away you go.

So, if that was your drive that went into the woods, you put down a new ball and you are hitting three with a little loss in distance. We all do that with out hitting the provisional ball. This is done to speed up play which normally takes too long anyway and for most of us, that extra stroke means very little in the overall scheme of things.

The day was very good and the golf swing is coming along with golf & how to swing like a pro is getting better. After my round today I will post info about what I was doing tomorrow.

Have you noticed these posts are getting longer and longer. Maybe I should start breaking them up like I did originally into two or three posts.

Anyway, I will see you tomorrow. Thanks and have a great day.

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