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Golf, How to Swing Your Putter

Last week I told you I was putting terrible. My golf swing for the putter was not very good so this week I went back to my regular putter swing, almost.

While I was traveling through a forum I saw that they were talking about various things for putting. It reminded me about my new putting stroke which I made no mention.

One of the items that they talked about was getting an over sized putter golf grip and have one side flat for your thumbs to rest. But you must have the golf grip installer make sure that the grip puts you putter square with the ball. So I tested to see if mine was square and it’s not.

I am going to have that situation rectified but until that time I know which way the putter aims and what I need to do to adjust the grip so that I square up the face. On Monday night, the first putt I tried was a 12 footer and I made it. That putt gave us a par 4 to start the round.

That was not all that I did. It seems that every week I get someone to ask me how long I have had my putter. My putter is an Acushnet Bulls Eye Putter that I have had for over 40 years and it was given to me by someone else who had been using it for quite a while.

I am not someone that hangs on to things. Over the years I have purchased eight different putters. I have spent any where from $49.95 to $249.95 for each one of those putters and don’t have a single one to remind me which ones I bought.

I sold the most expensive one but only got $50 for it and the others I have given away except one that my wife uses. So I have tried to go better and newer but have not been able to find one I like. Two of those putters I spent one or more seasons trying to get it to work and during that trial period, I put my “Bulls Eye” away.

I have a new putting stroke too this year and tried it Monday. I like it and have given up on the cross hand grip. My new putting grip is to grip the putter low on the grip. Almost to the bottom. I put my right hand over the left hand with my last two fingers

over lapping the left hand first two fingers.

I have my elbows sticking straight out and rotate the putting stroke with my shoulders, keeping my body dead still. Before I go to putt or practice my putting swing, I pretend I am tossing the ball to the hole and watch the path of the ball in real time. I then practice the swing with the proper stroke.

I was very accurate on Monday with this golf swing and we never came close to three putts. One thing I haven’t tried yet was a long lag putt. I watched a guy a few months ago practice watching the long lag putt while striking the ball and I want to try it.

I have practiced the long lag putt in my living/dining room combo and it seems very good but I have not tried it on the course and it is much shorter then most lag putts on the greens.

I think that this is enough talk about putts. I am going to practice more and my second golf league starts this Thursday. A different course that I have played numerous times so it should be fun. It is suppose to be warmer, so we shall see but it is a 9AM tee off.

I will post a new results of my round. This course is a little longer and wider then the course I have been playing on for the past two years, so it should be interesting. Talk to you tomorrow.

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