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Learn How To Swing In Golf Now

It is time to learn how to swing in golf before you put up your clubs away for the season.

You could wait until winter or spring gets here but you will have wasted another season. I know, after wasting 15 or 20 seasons already what is the big whoop about wasting another. Right?

I have to tell you something. I started trying to find the perfect golf swing after my disappointing season last year and right now, the beginning of October, I am playing the best golf I have played in almost 15 years. Just think, if I could have decided on a type of golf swing I wanted last winter, I could have played very good golf this season instead of OK golf.

I went golfing with my wife again and I played excellent golf. I was hitting nice drives (about 240 yards), good second shots, great putts and very good chips when I needed them. I had two birdies, four pars, two bogies and one triple bogie. That’s a 39!

I had some issues but while I was struggling, I remembered my golf grip and that was the difference. I had the golf swing but the grip was not right. Once I got the grip right I played like I knew what I was doing.

I had 13 putts. My all time low for the last 15 years. I made two putts for birdies that were 15 and 30 feet and putts of 6 and 8 feet. I also had one tap in after a chip and my lag putts were great to keep from going over two putts.

My wife is getting better and better. She still has trouble differentiating between hitting off the toe and the back of the club but she knows what to do to correct it. She does not hit the ball over 140 yards using her 4 iron and most are only about 100 yards but she has  been having more fun playing and she makes good contact most of the time.

She, like many a hacker, is completely satisfied with the way she plays golf. We don’t keep score but I can remember every hit I made even three or four days after. By the way, I did not lose a ball with this last round. An accomplishment for sure.

My grip has to be very neutral. My thumbs are at one O’clock and eleven O’clock. My right hand is very loose and barely touching the club. The right hand just guides the club and my swing is very slow and controlled. I am trying to get more distance with a cocked wrist that will generate more club head speed when it makes contact. I am getting better at it but I am really just down clubbing to make up for the loss in distance.

I need my grips changed out to new ones as I get bad vibs from the different grips I have. The driver and the putter have over sized grips and the rest of my clubs do not. That means that half of my shots are with over sized grips and the rest with regular grips.

I don’t need to change all of them but can change about four or five to make it more uniform. I am finally hitting the three metal with more authority and feel more comfortable with it and if it is the one I will keep then I need to get a new grip put on it also. Or maybe I will just get a new one from one of the stores. My old three was a tight lies three metal and I really liked that club, so I may look for another.

To get a better idea about what I am doing, I think I will use the golf sheet from Ralph Maltby to document all of my shots and the distances they travel. Right now I don’t exactly know what I am doing so I need to document and work on what the data tells me.

That is something we all must do to get better. Learn to accurately track what you do with each shot. It will help your game and help you get better. I just realized, I spent today telling you about how to swing in golf and my challenge to get the perfect golf swing and also gave you two golf tips to help you play better.

It doesn’t get much better than that. Here is one more. Stop waiting for a miracle to happen and just go purchase the Simple Golf Swing from David Nevogt and start playing better golf in less than one week and then practice over the winter whether it is out doors or indoors and get better for a great season of golf next year.

I am going out with the guys today and think I have something for them. The weather is suppose to be great and I am ready. See ya tomorrow with my results.

Lou M.

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