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Proof That Shows I Know How To Swing In Golf

Today was my last chance to prove that I know how to swing in golf. This was our last day of golf on my Thurs

day golf league.

We played a two man scrambles and had a shot gun start. I have an issue with shot gun starts. They usually pack too many golfers into the 18 holes and it normally takes 6 hours to play. I thought that this would be great as there could only be eight foursomes at the most and they could put us on 8 holes and we could zoom right along.

But, what the hell do I know. They had us crammed onto six holes and only one was a par five. So it took us five hours and there were some that took five and one half. Unbelievable!

Anyway, my partner and I placed fifth out of 16 teams with a 65 using our handicaps. The winner had a 63 and three were tied at 64. The second from last hole we got a double bogie or we could have tied.

They also played skins and we contributed money to the round for the first three places and for the skins. There was only two skins and we got one of them. A result of an eagle on a par four with our handicap. We got an actual birdie.

So all in all, my partner and I did pretty darn good. He was also hitting the ball really well as was I. My drives were straight, in the fairway and around 240 yards. Towards the end I developed a bad swing on my approach irons and par threes. It is almost like I am hitting a shank. Whoops, I said the bad word.

So I lost three balls on the last four holes. This course has a lot of water and marsh areas. I did lose one ball on a very good shot and it kind of pissed me off. I hit a good drive on the number 16 par five. There is water up near the green and I have only played this hole three times so I wasn’t quite sure of how large the pond is and how far it extends out into the fairway.

They have a huge seventy foot tree right in the middle of the fairway and it is about 150 yards out from the green. I decided to use my five metal and see what would happen. Well, I hit it great and it went well over the tree by about sixty feet and when it landed I saw the big splash from the ball landing in water. I hit that five metal over 200 yards! It is a shame to be penalized when you hit two great shots.

Oh well. I played very good today and so did my partner. As a result of my tutoring, he is getting better and better and said he will play again next year. I think today was the best he has ever played and he said he owes it all to me for my help.

I have been using a combination of the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt and Revolution Golf by Paul Wilson. So he has gotten the benefit of my knowledge about his golf swing over the past twelve months. He is far from the perfect golf swing but he has a good golf swing.

My golf swing on my drives were as close to perfect as a rank amateur can get. An easy effortless golf swing with drives in the 250 yard range. I chipped and putted well and most of my iron shots were pretty good. I almost hate to see the season end but I will still be able to get out and play during the week.

So that pretty much shows that I know how to swing in golf well. I wish I would have had one round where I was able to put it all together. I have one more chance in the Monday night league a week from next Monday. So I will practice some between now and then to get the swing perfected.

Unless I play between now and next Tuesday, I will send a post about golf tips.

So, have a great week end and holiday and be safe.

Lou M.

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