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Practicing How To Swing In Golf

How to swing in golf – Practicing how to swing in golf

My Internet golf swing instructor showed me another method to practice how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing for me and it should work for you. He has many good tips and is well worth whatever he is charging now. The help site for the golf swing is OK but I like Bobby Wilson the best when I want to practice or even learn how to swing in golf.

Practice how to swing in golf

The video lesson he provided helps how to swing in golf with the forward golf swing. His intent is to get me and you to follow through along the flight path of our golf swing to hit the ball in the direction we want the ball to go. The intended path is where he wants the club to follow to get the exact location of the desired results.

Regardless of whether you hit the ball straight, or with a fade or with a draw, you want the ball to end up somewhere that is playable and will give you the best results with how to swing in golf.

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I described the how to swing in golf with visualization, the intended location for the ball to land and the swing rhythm in which you should hit the ball while swinging the club. Remember to use one-two for the back swing and one-two for the forward swing. Keep the cadence the same for both swings. But along with that you must follow the line of path for the club and the ball to follow after being struck.

The take away from address should also follow the flight path when you do the how to swing in golf method as described by Bobby Wilson. There is a path that is direct for a short period as the natural arc of the swing will take you away from the straight line. But when you return to the area near the golf ball the swing should go down the path just before and right after striking the ball.

This is contrary to what many instructors teach but to simplify the swing you must do that as the longer you can keep your club on a straight line before and after you strike the ball the easier it will be to hit the ball straight. Does that make sense? It should be the way you go in how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing. That is why so many pro golfers have different golf swings is the before and after doesn’t count except just before and after the ball during the swing.

The practice in how to swing in golf

What he describe in his practice technique in how to swing in golf with this move…he addresses the ball, he has the club just a small amount off of the ground and is at the ready position. His next move is to finish the forward swing from the address position without going back. Get it? He wants you to finish your swing without the other three quarters of the swing.

He also reiterated that he wants you to follow on the flight path to make sure the how to swing in golf club path and flight path are the same.

So to review the how to swing in golf

This is your how to practice in how to swing in golf…you address the ball and have the club raised a small amount off of the ground and then follow through from that position to the end of the golf swing and you make sure that you follow the flight path directly during the first part of the forward golf swing. You are not doing the back swing and you are not doing the forward swing from the top, only from the ball position forward.

You will follow the straight part and then the arc to get the club to the back of your neck. If you continue to practice this part of the swing it will train you to swing that way all of the time. Also, when you end up you will have the weight on your left foot for a rightie and the knees touching with the heel off the ground. Your belt buckle will be pointing to your intended path and your head will be watching the flight of the ball. Not! But you will be in the proper position to practice how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing.

I hope that makes sense as I want you to get the perfect golf swing whether you use the simple golf swing from David Nevogt or the more complex golf swing from Bobby Wilson. In either case it is desired that you follow the flight path of the ball with the club for the longest period of time to ensure that you hit the ball where you have aimed.

With the Simple Golf Swing it is even easier to do as you are only taking the club back on the back swing to just above parallel to the ground. If you have followed the flight path on the back swing it will go back to the ball on the same flight path on the forward golf swing.

I am telling you this as there are two completely different how to swing in golf swings at work here. One is short and simple for the golfer that only plays once or twice per week and only during the league and a few other rounds.

The other golf swing is much more complex and is for the golfer that wants to shoot as close to par as is humanly possible and will play three, four or maybe even five times a week during the golf season. This golfer will use the full swing and will try to hit the ball 300 yards on the drive.

But, both golfers can use the techniques described in last weeks post and this weeks post for practicing the how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing.

I think I have hit the nail with both. So enjoy and practice these techniques up to the new golf season and probably during to get better and enjoy your golf more.

See ya next week unless I come up with other golf swing tips.

Lou M.

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