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Practice The Perfect Golf Swing Chip

Perfect Golf Swing – Practice The Perfect Golf Swing Chip

Discover how to chip with your perfect golf swing

Your version of the perfect golf swing is the one shot in golf that seems to elude us the most is the simple chip.

How many times have you stood over the ball that is 10, 20 maybe even 30 yards off the green and said to your self, “I can do this” only to screw it up.  You chili dip or skull or maybe even just hit the wrong distance and end up adding two, three or more strokes onto your score.

I can’t tell you how many times over the first year after taking up golf again that I did exactly that. I would get to the green in two and end up with a six or seven or even eight. Were you happy when you did it? What have you done to fix the issue?

That is what we are going to work on in this issue of your version of the  perfect golf swing.

Chipping using your perfect golf swing

Your version of the perfect golf swing will include the perfect chip.

There are so many versions of the chip from placing the ball at your right foot to even placing the ball at your left foot. Then you will put all your weight on the foot closest to the ball and swing through using just your arms or shoulders.

Well, who can remember all of these different things. And if you follow the adventures of Raymond Floyd you will use anything from a four iron to a sand wedge.

I personally like to keep things simple. So my idea of the perfect golf swing for your chip will be simple also.

Your perfect golf swing for the chip

What is the simplest way to get the perfect golf swing for any shot is to repeat the golf swing you have learned and not try something new, Place the ball in the middle of your stance keep your triangle in tack, while placing your hands just slightly ahead of your ball.

Do not grip the club too tight but keep it firm. Also, keep the wrist locked and you are only going to use the shoulders to hit the ball. Now it is time to practice. If you can get outside then chip around the yard. If you cannot get outside I would practice using a plastic whiffle ball in the house.

Heck you can shoot for a small trash can outside or a plastic trash can inside that is used for papers and such. If you get really good, use a cup or glass to shot for.

You are probably wondering how much should you swing to hit the right chip. That amount will vary according to your distance from the pin and which club you decide to use. If you decide to use a pitching wedge all the time then use it and try to shot at different distances.

Again you are only going to use your shoulders to turn and move the club back and then again forward. Heck you can practice that sitting down while you read this article post. Just put your hands in a grip using the top hand thumb as your stick to grab with the other hand and put them out in front of you in the triangle.

Now just rotate your shoulders back and forth and do not move your arms anymore than what they are moving with your shoulder turns. Be careful that you don’t have any glasses or bottles on your desk or you may end up with the contents all over your desk.

You can take a break from reading now and practice that rotating motion with your shoulders to practice your swing for the chip. This is also the beginning of your regular swing. So while there you could take that rotating motion all the way until your left arm for a rightie is parallel to the ground and your left shoulder is 90 degrees to your feet for your perfect golf swing.

How to practice your perfect golf swing chip

I don’t know about you but for me it is darn near impossible to practice your perfect golf swing chip at the local golf courses. The putting green is only for putting, “NO CHIPPING, PLEASE”. So it is best to practice in the yard with your golf club but you can also learn what amount of swing is required for each distance. So here is the simple way to practice.

I have seen Greg Norman and Fuzzy Zeller both practice this and for me it is just fine. I like it and use it. You don’t even need a club in your hand. If you are on the putting green or just off the putting green, take your stance over what could be the ball.

Now take a ball and put it in the palm of your right hand. Cup you right hand just slightly to hold the ball in your palm. Now hang your right hand down to swing position and take your arm back to the position you think it would be if you had a club in it. Then take your hand forward and release the ball as if you had just struck it with your club. See how far it goes.

This is the swing you will use if you want to go a certain distance and to use with the perfect golf swing. Remember that the swing occurred with just your shoulder rotation. Now you can do that all you want as you are not using a club to chip with. They cannot throw you out or even stop you, well I guess if they want they could do whatever they want but you can even practice this after you have all putted out while on the course and are not being pressed by players behind you. Just take a couple of balls and practice the swing with no clubs and toss the balls the distance you want to go.

As a matter of fact, when I am standing there ready to chip, I will use that swinging motion to determine my swing and then take a practice swing just like that practice arm swing. Then I will visualize the ball coming off the club, bounce on the green and roll to the hole with the path needed to accommodate the green contours. You are not imagining anything as you have seen that happen many times as you have practiced the hand pitch.

Man, I like that while describing it to you. I can see the perfect golf swing chip going close to the hole for a one putt tap in for my par or bird. Or even once in a while I will make one. I can remember a streak I had going a number of years ago where for every nine holes I played I always had one chip in.

If you can practice this while waiting for the season to start or even when the season is going then you will get better and better. Your perfect golf swing for you will get better and you will become the man or woman of your group that has improved the most.

Next weeks post will be about? I don’t know yet but it should be good.

See ya then.


Lou M.

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