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Practice on How to Swing in Golf

Yesterday I went to practice how to swing in golf at one of our premier golf courses.

During these after Labor Day rates the best courses cost about the same as the run of the mill courses, so why not play the best when you can? That is what we did yesterday.

This particular course has three nines and they sent us out on 10 to 18 or what they call the west course. The weather forecasters said it was going to be about 56 and wind of 5 to 10 mph. Well it got to 61 with winds of 10 to 20 mph.

I dressed with lots of layers and immediately took off the top layer. These carts have windshields if you want to use them so we did and that helped cut down on the cold wind in our face while we drove along.  I usually hit drives that are really high but some of the help videos I watched before I went out said that there are a number of ways to hit lower drives and one is to lower the ball on the tees. That is what I did for most drives and it helped.

I hit a lot of good drives and a couple of not so good. I bogied seven holes, pared one and birdied one for a 42. I was happy considering the wind and cool weather and being layered with clothes.

I love the last hole, number 18. It is a double dogleg that goes around a pond that is about 80 yards wide and about 340 yards long. Actually it is shaped like a boomerang. I have found that if I hit it straight, I will overdrive the sand trap straight out and go into the peoples yards and I have hit the house previously.

So, I like to cut the corner. Again, I am still not hitting as far as I used to so it is a challenge for me now to get across. If I had used the back tee I would never had made it across. But, I hit a great shot and it went across the water and landed in the middle of the fairway. I was about 240 yards from the green and I cut off about 80 yards by cutting across. The hole is a par five.

I hit a three metal to the left to avoid the water to have a straight shot into the green. I hit the ground early and got the ball down the fairway to an open shot to the green. I told my wife, I’ll bet you I can reach the green and she said go for it.

I grabbed another ball and I hit the three metal clean, clean this time, and I would have landed on the green except I pulled it slightly left. I missed the green by about thirty feet left but pin high. By the way, the fairway does another dogleg right and the green is hidden behind the water in front.

When I got to my first hit ball, it was about 60 yards out. I hit a nice wedge and thought it was going over but it landed just short and rolled to 4 feet from the hole. The second ball I chipped up to the hole and was only two feet from the hole.

I put both putts in for a birdie four.

But, like I told you earlier, this was a practice round to try some things that I had learned about Sunday and Monday.  One of them was to try my five metal as a chipping club around the green. Some times it’s ok but others it was not. The one big problem I found was that the shaft was too long and I had trouble finding a way to use it without poking myself.

What I finally did was to put my hands forward and lock my wrists. I used a putting swing and grip and that began to work. I also found that with the extra mass it would roll further than I anticipated. So, once I got used to that extra roll I could get the ball pretty close.

By the way, there was no one following us so I did most of these practice swings after I completed my shots on the hole and just throw down three balls and practice the golf swing. Some times I would do it twice with the three balls to see what type of swing would get me how far. With the club angled forward it took a lot of the loft off of the ball and made it go further with less back spin. I also did not have to stand so far away from the ball as I could grip down on the grip.

This type of shot is something you will have to experiment with, just like any other chip. But the whole purpose of using the hybrid or three metal or five metal is to avoid a skulled shot or chili dip shot. With the flat bottoms on the metals it is easier to swing through and hit a good chip especially in the long rough. But you could also use it when you are 20 to 30 feet off of the green right in front and you can’t chip from here as you cannot finesse this shot.

There is a guy I golf with that putts from out there because he can get closer than he can chipping. It’s amazing to watch him putt from all over the course.

I told you about the Recreational Golfer yesterday and after I was watching some of his videos. He was showing the short chip shot and he was like six inches away from the green in the short fringe. Well, my God, I would putt from there as I would not come nearly as close with a chip. Yep, that is just a longer lag putt for me and with my practicing the long lags I come close enough normally for a tap in putt or a short three footer or less. Well, I can’t do that with a chip.

Well this version of how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing has gone on long enough. Thanks for  reading it all and I hope I did not bore you. Today I play with the guys and they are talking about maybe 65 or higher for the high temp today. So, I am looking forward to trying some more of those things I have been working on and the newer slow take-a-way golf swing to have better control. I got another thing I am going to work on today and I will let you know how it works.

So see ya tomorrow.

Lou M.

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